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Guardians approaching the Last Wish Raid in Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

Where to Find All Dreaming City Ascendant Chests in Destiny 2 (With Maps)

Ascendant Chests are some of the trickiest hidden treasures to find in Destiny 2 and the Dreaming City

The Dreaming City holds many of Destiny 2‘s secrets, and few are more hidden than the 30 Ascendant Chests scattered through the area. Finding them awards you with important loot, so I’ll show you where to find the exact locations of every Ascendant Chest with maps and screenshots.

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Every Dreaming City Ascendant Chest Location in Destiny 2: How Curse Weeks Work

Though there are 30 Ascendant Chests in Destiny 2, you can only find 10 of them per week, depending on the City’s current curse level. You can tell the Dreaming City’s current curse level by Petra’s location. I’ll update this guide weekly as new Ascendant Chests become available, so check back as you need.

  • Curse Week 1: Petra is in the Strand.
  • Curse Week 2: Petra is in the Divalian Mists.
  • Curse Week 3: Petra is in Rheasilvia.

All Week 1 Ascendant Chest Locations in Destiny 2

The Week 1 Ascendant Chests are all over the Dreaming City, starting with the Divialian Mists and traversing the entire destination. The Mists are the only spawn point on the map, so I’ll start there. However, use a Tincture of Queensfoil and have the Ascendancy buff active. You can’t see the platforms you must traverse without it. You can buy Tinctures from Petra.

1. Divalian Mists Ascendant Chest Location

The platform to reach the Divalian Mists Ascendant Chest
Screenshots by GameSkinny

Head into the large keep directly across from the spawn point. It leads to the Blind Well and the Last Wish Raid. The first set of platforms is in front of the statue on the left-hand side of the hallway. These platforms, and all the ones to come, sometimes appear vertically. Wear traversal Exotic armor like Lion Rampant Titan boots or Stomp-EE5 Hunter boots. Warlocks, I feel your pain. Just try not to floof your jumps.

2. Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector Ascendant Chest Location

The rock that leads to the chest in the Bay of Drowned Wishes
Screenshots by GameSkinny

The Bay of Drowned Ascendant Chest location is the first of three Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City’s three Lost Sectors. It’s also the one that was hardest for me to find. Go inside, and look for the two Abomination enemies in the first area. Clear them, then climb the rocky outcropping with the trees behind the second Abomination. From there, turn around and look toward the path deeper into the Lost Sector. The platforms start to appear in front of you.

3. Spine of Keres Ascendant Chest Location

The Spine of Keres Ascendant Chest location is hard to reach. Use the path in the northern section of the Divalian Mists to reach it. Once you enter the zone and reach the rotunda with the first set of enemies, proceed straight past them and into the building. Take the exit to the left, go down the path a short way, then turn around and look out at the cliffs between a set of trees.

Head out onto the cliffside that looks over the mists, and jump out onto the platforms. Continue until you reach a pair of tall, thin rocks. You need to jump between them and land on the platform on the other side. You find the chest shortly after.

4. The Strand Ascendant Chest Location

The platform leading to the Ascendant Chest in The Strand
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Dreaming City Ascendant Chest in The Strand is one of the simplest to find. Head out to the gazebo where Petra stands during Week 1 of the curse. Go to the edge that looks over the large part of the zone. If you’re Ascendant, platforms appear. Jump on them and take it slowly. The platform above the gazebo has the Ascendant Chest.

5. Garden of Esila Ascendant Chest Location

The Garden of Esila Ascendant Chest location was the easiest to find for me. Go atop the bridge in the middle of the starting area, look out over the right side railing, and jump onto the platforms that appear while you’re Ascended.

6. Aphelion’s Rest Ascendant Chest Location

The Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector Ascendant Chest is beyond the final boss chest at the entrance to the Lost Sector on ground level, north of Petra’s watch post. Make your way to the ledge above and behind the boss chest. You don’t need to defeat the boss, though doing so makes getting to the Ascendant Chest easier.

7. Rheasilvia Ascendant Chest Location

The cliff face leading to the Ascendant Chest in Rheasilvia
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Of all the Ascendant Chests in the Dreaming City, the one in Rheasilvia took me the longest to find. It’s off the beaten path downright confusing. Once in Rheasilvia, head to the large building in the north that leads to the Harbinger’s Seclude. At the platform before entering the building, look to your right (to the east) to the cliffside and a ledge out in the distance. Jump to it.

From this first ledge, jump around the cliff until you reach a second ledge. The jump is blind, so keep the cliff on your left to make it. From there, jump on top of the cliff and look over the area; I needed Lion Rampant boots to reach it. More platforms appear. Follow them to the chest.

8. Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Chest Location

The platform leading to the Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Chest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Chamber of Starlight Ascendant Chest is almost as easy to find as the one in Aphelion’s Rest. Like the other Lost Sector, complete the Chamber, then exit out the back of the area, to the right of where the boss appears and across from the chest. You’re on the balcony that overlooks the entrance to the Sector. If you’re Ascendant, you see the platforms to take.

9. Harbinger’s Seclude Ascendant Chest Location

The first set of platforms leading to the Ascendant Chest in Harbinger's Seclude
Screenshot by GameSkinny

To get the Ascendant Chest in Harbinger’s Seclude, go to the room with the huge statue at its back. Just before you clear the threshold to reach the statue, look to your right to see the first set of platforms.

Proceed up until you reach a gap in the wall to your left. Look that way and jump across to the new set of platforms that leads more up than across.

The second set of platforms leading to the Harbinger's Seclude Ascendant Chest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The chest is high above the intersection you just passed, and as I learned the hard way, enemies can shoot through the platforms, as they don’t technically count as physical objects. If there are any sniper enemies below you, they plink away at your toes while you try to concentrate.

10. The Confluence Ascendant Chest Location

The Ascendant chest in the Confluence
Screenshot by GameSkinny

You won’t find The Confluence Ascendant Chest on any Dreaming City map, hence why I couldn’t get an image of where my character’s green arrow appears. Worse, the only way to get to it is via one of two portals.

Harbinger’s Seclude Confluence Portal

The portal in Harbinger's Seclude leading to the Confluence
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Harbinger’s Seclude Confluence portal is far below the room with the Ascendant Chest. Go to the bottom floor and take the shaft all the way down to the bottom, then make your way to the room with the two Ahamkara skulls in the nooks. Directly across from them is a ledge along the right side rock face. Follow it around until you find a cave with the portal.

Spine of Keres Confluence Portal

The portal in the Spine of Keres leading to the Confluence
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The Spine of Keres Confluence portal is below the opening area. Rather than go into the tower once you go past the first set of enemies, jump off the bridge to the right and hug the cliff wall unit you reach another small cave with a portal in it.

The portals take you to separate areas of The Confluence, but you’re also in single-path hallways leading to the large chamber with the Shattered Throne Dungeon portal (no longer active, sadly). The platform exists near an Awoken statue holding an orb and, with its hand outstretched, to the right of one of the hallways with banners. This Destiny 2 Ascendant Chest is near the ceiling of the room.

The platform leading to the Ascendant Chest in the Conlfuence
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Those are all the Destiny 2 Ascendant Chests available in Week 1 of the Dreaming City curse. As mentioned, I’ll update this guide at weekly resets when more Ascendant Chests come online. For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guides hub.

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