Where to Find All the Weapons and Abilities in Cloudbase Prime

Having difficulty finding all the weapons and abilities in Cloudbase Prime? Then look no further! This guide gives you the locations of them all.

Having difficulty finding all the weapons and abilities in Cloudbase Prime? Then look no further! This guide gives you the locations of them all.

Cloudbase Prime is a 3D platformer with FPS elements currently in Steam Early Access. It is being developed by indie developer Floating Island Games. The player takes the role of of a pilot who is controlling a robot on their first day as a miner on a gas mining platform. But things don’t go according to plan, as they are attacked by other robots who have become corrupt.

This guide covers the locations of all the weapons and abilities that exist in the game, along with what levels each of them can be found in. For the sake of completion and to avoid confusion, the story-based abilities will also be included.

Note: This guide does contain spoilers. You should not read past the level you are currently on, as you run the risk of parts of the plot ruined. The weapons and abilities have been listed in accordance with the levels they are found to help avoid spoilers.

All Weapon and Ability Locations in Cloudbase Prime

Level 1

Shockwave (1-1)

Shockwave is the first ability that you will find in Cloudbase Prime. You will see it right in front of you upon starting level 1-1, which is the level directly after the intro level. It grants you the ability to create a shockwave, lifting a line of platforms hurling any enemies in its path into the air.

Charged Shot (1-2)

This weapon is an upgrade to your standard auto-shot attack. It allows you to hold down the fire button to charge up your shot. The longer you leave it charging before firing the more damage it will do to the enemy it hits. This weapon is found at the very end of the level, near where the last Fixbot is found at the very top of the level, as shown in the image below.

Level 2

Architect Bomb (2-1)

The Architect Bomb allows you to throw an EMP bomb that blasts everything in its radius. You should be able to see this ability from the highest point of the starting platform while looking out onto the rest of the level. It sits at the top of the small island in the middle of the level as shown in the image below.

Combust Ammo (2-3)

This particular ability is found as a part of story progression. You will meet a group of Fixbots sitting around a campfire and singing songs. Upon approaching them, they will explain to you how they made fire and grant you the ability of Combust Ammo. This allows you to make your shots combust upon hitting a target — but it does come at the cost of 1 fuel.

Level 3

Holotile (3-3)

This one is actually easy to miss if you are not observant. This one is actually on a platform way up in the air. To reach it you must first climb up onto Atlas’ back, where you will find a booster platform that will spring you into the air and onto another platform.

Here you will find a blue target sign. Shoot it and a path will appear that leads to the platform with the ability. You must be quick though, as the path will only stay active for a short period of time. Once you are across, the Holotile ability is yours.

The Holotile allows you to create a temporary tile that can be used to stop you from falling or even block incoming missiles. This ability really comes in handy in the later levels of the game.

Level 4

Homing Shot (4-1)

Much like Holotile, the Homing Shot is easy to miss if you are not careful. To find it you will need to go to the island where the Fixbot marked as M is located.

Once you reach the island, you must go underwater. You will see a mountain of tiles swim down along the side of them and you will see an opening with the weapon inside it. Homing Shot allows you to hold down the first button and lock up to five shots at once onto one or multiple targets, which will then track them until they are hit.

Combo Beam (4-2)

The combo beam is a powerful death beam attack that requires both hands to generate it. While using it, you will not be able to use your standard attacks or the architect so use it wisely. It is located on a floating island above one of the several islands situated at the very start of the level.

To reach it you will need to use the booster ring found in the middle island and make your way to the bottom of the water. Once at the bottom, turn around and use the booster rings to fire yourself back up to the surface. The force of the rings will send you flying into the air high enough to reach the island. Once on it, the Combo Beam is yours for the taking!

Level 5

Freeze Ammo (5-1)

This ammo does exactly what the name suggests, and comes in handy in tight situations. It is found at the very beginning of the level and should be possible to see from the magnetic track, as shown in the image below.

To reach it simply hop into the magnetic track and follow it along about half way. At this point, jump off and look at one of the large platforms. Using the new grapple you will now have, hook yourself to the platform and then simply jump off and glide down to the ability.

Go Forth and Destroy the Evil Robots

You are now all set and ready go kick evil robot butt, with your brand new weapons and abilities and save the day. You will certainly be needing them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and blown up some evil robots!

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