Where to Find Backpacks in Stoneshard

There are two reliable spots to find a backpack in Stoneshard, although of course there's a catch.

There are two reliable spots to find a backpack in Stoneshard, although of course there's a catch.

Nothing is every easy for your mercenary in the rogue-like Stoneshard, and that includes simply carrying loot. There is a backpack to be found that you can use to haul your goods around in, but in true Stoneshard fashion it’s not without its detriments.

Though backpack offers a snug 12 item slots, it takes up a lot of space. 9 inventory slots, to be exact meaning you’ll only gain three more slots with the backpack in your inventory.

For the backpack to actually help, you have to equip it to the cloak slot. That obviously comes the cost of losing your cloak’s defensive bonuses, which may not be ideal depending on your build.

Ready to make that trade-off? Let’s take a look at exactly where to grab the backpack in Stoneshard.

Note: this info is current as of build Expect changes during the Early Access period!

Where To Find The Backpack In Stoneshard

     Bastion Runfost Backpack Location

While this will likely change with the Trollslayer update and other major content additions during Early Access, there are currently only two reliable locations to grab the backpack.

Backpack Location One

The first is at Bastion Runfost as part of the main quest line after escaping the dungeon and creating your true character. To reach this location, go south from Osbrook two squares on the map, then travel east two squares.

When you reach the actual fort itself, be prepared for several bandits sitting around a campfire. Draw them out one by one by making some noise and take them out before they can surround you.

After that’s dealt with, don’t go inside the main dungeon area. Instead, look for a wood building on the right side. When you enter, there should only be a single room with a table. The backpack most frequently spawns on this table.

     Outpost Eestever Backpack Location

Second Backpack Location

What if you’ve already left Osbrook behind to explore the wider world? You aren’t completely out of luck, as the the second Stoneshard backpack location is closer to Mannshire.

The second backpack can be grabbed at Outpost Eestever however, if you check your map and compare it to the image above, you may notice that there isn’t actually an Outpost Eestver shown in that location.

The fort will only spawn when you’ve got the corresponding quest from Elder Knud in Mannshire. To start the quest, find the Elder outside his house south of the Governor’s keep and northwest of the inn. 

If for some reason Elder Knud doesn’t have the Outpost Eestever quest in his list, go stay at the inn for three days to refresh the bounty list and then talk to him again.

When you reach the fort and deal with the enemies by the campfire, head into the smaller wood building on the right (rather than the main dungeon entrance on the left). The backpack is found on the table near some pots and jugs just like with the Bastion Runfost location.

Due to the randomized nature of the game, its possible the backpack may spawn in similar locations at other Bastions and dungeon entrances after taking new quests from the town Elders.

Make sure to check this side shack building before delving into a dungeon to complete a quest, though keep in a mind an impending change to the area layouts.

With the release of the Trollslayer patch at the end of March, the procedural generation of each area is getting an overhaul, so there may not always be a side shack on the right anymore. If that’s the case drop us a comment and we’ll update this article with the newest locations.

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