Crafting is at the core of Valheim, and mid-game recipes will need the chain. Here's where to find chains.

Where to Find Chains in Valheim

Crafting is at the core of Valheim, and mid-game recipes will need the chain. Here's where to find chains.

Crafting is a central part of Valheim with dozens of resources used to craft everything from the humble torch to the mighty Stagbreaker. In this guide, we’re going to go over where to find chains in Valheim, as well as what you can do with them. 

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Valheim: Where to Find Chains

A chain is a resource item that you’ll find in the swamp biome. That means you’re going to want to have dealt with the second game boss, The Elder, so that you can obtain the swamp keyin order to enter the sunken crypts in the swamps.

You have a roughly 10% chance to find chains in the various muddy scrap piles in the sunken crypts, which you mine with a pickaxe. 

While the 10% drop chance isn’t terrible there is a 100% drop rate way to get chain by fighting Wraiths.

Wraiths are a hostile mob in the swamp biome and generally spawning in/near abandoned houses. Boasting high defense, the best way to take out a Wraith is to score a backstab hit from range — as it has no ranged attack — then finish it off as quickly as possible if it closes into melee range. 

Valheim: What to Do with Chains

So, you’ve gathered some chains, but now what? Chains are featured in both crafting recipes and in building, being used for the following items:

Crafting Recipes Using Chains

  • Black metal shield: 10 fine wood, 8 black metal, 5 chain
  • Black metal tower shield: 15 fine wood, 10 black metal, 7 chain
  • Wolf armor chest: 20 silver, 5 wolf pelt, 1 chain

Building Recipes Using Chains

  • Forge bellows: 5 wood, 5 deer hide, 4 chain
  • Hanging brazier: 5 bronze, 2 coal, 1 chain

The forge bellows would be the first item I’d put any chain towards as it increases the crafting level of the forge it’s placed beside, which lets you level up all crafted gear associated with the forge.

It’s also worth noting that the hanging brazier runs on coal as a fuel source and will require ventilation for the smoke it produces. As for armor, that comes down to your personal play style.

Hopefully, this quick guide on the chain resource helps you to gear up for the many adventures Valheim has to offer. If you’re new to Iron Gate’s survival game, consider checking out some of our other guides and helpful tips articles.

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