Where to Find Jaggy in Fallout 76

If you're looking to take a photo of Scout Leader Jaggy, here's where to find him.

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The Fallout 76 Summer C.A.M.P. event gives you multiple tasks to complete and earn unique cosmetics. One of these challenges is to find Jaggy and take a photo of him. It says you can find him at Camp Lewis, which unfortunately isn’t labeled on the world map. Here’s where to go to find Scout Leader Jaggy in Fallout 76.

Where to Find Scout Leader Jaggy in Fallout 76

Finding Jaggy is easier once you know he’s part of the Scouts. That leaves you with a couple different locations to investigate in Appalachia. I’ll save you the trouble, however, and let you know that you can find him at the Pioneer Scout Camp in Toxic Valley. It’s on the world map just west of Graton Steel and north of Graton Dam. This is the same area that the event Swarm of Suitors takes place in.

When you arrive at the Pioneer Scout Camp, formerly Camp Lewis, you want to head to the upper portion of the camp. This is away from the docks and towards the cooking pit and cabin labeled Pioneer Knowledge Exam. You’ll find Jaggy hanging out in the middle of the cabins. Take a quick photo of him with your camera to complete the challenge.

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Order of the Tadpole

If you’re looking to do more than just take a photo, speaking to Scout Leader Jaggy starts the Pioneer Scouts quest titled Order of the Tadpole. You’ll be given a Tadpole uniform, and tasked with completing the a few tasks. You’ll need to complete the quest before you can rise to the ranks of Possum in the Pioneer Scouts.

  • Demonstrate Kindness: Revive a downed player character.
  • Demonstrate Helpfulness: Clean Up Kiddie Corner Cabins.
    • Turn in the daily quest Operation Tidy
  • Demonstrate Bravery: Control Pests at Dolly Sods.
    • Turn in the daily quest Stings and Things
  • Demonstrate Growth: Earn 3 Pioneer Scout Badges.
    • These are listed under the Tadpole Badges Challenges on the world map

That’s all you need to know about where to find Jaggy in Fallout 76. If you’re having trouble locating other NPCs or items, check out the rest of our guide vault. We’ve got harvestable guides, where to find magazines, and more.

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