How to Find Sammy in Vampire Survivors
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Where to Find Sammy in Vampire Survivors: Sammy Location

Sammy is cute and I will gladly help you find it.

Sammy the Caterpillar is a cute reference to a caterpillar cake some of you might be familiar with. It’s known that poncle keeps adding many references in Vampire Survivors, and in this guide, I’ll help you find Sammy and unlock this completely broken Tides of the Foscari character.

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How to Unlock Sammy in Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari DLC

Sammy is unlocked by killing 6000 Sammies at the Lake Foscari map in the Tides of the Foscari DLC. From my experience, unlocking Sammy in Vampire Survivors is, luckily, not a complicated task; the “problem” is how to find Sammy. I have drawn a map for your convenience to make this journey easy for you:

Sammy Location Map Vampire Survivors
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  • From the starting area, go right, and turn up, to access the big maze.
  • Once you are in the maze, turn right and go straight up on the 2nd hallway (you can also make it diagonally, but hey).
  • Go all the way up to the wall, turn left, and immediately turn down.
  • Go left until you hit the wall, and go up until you exit the maze. Follow the dirt road and turn right at the junction.
  • Once you get near the destination, you will notice a walled compound. It has a secret door on the top. Check the screenshot below for a visual display of how it looks.
Sammy Chamber in Vampire Survivors
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Once you’re in, stand in the middle of it, and you will mostly only encounter Sammies from now on. By checking the kill counter in the top-right corner of your screen, you will easily gauge when you have killed 6000 Sammies. This can be done in multiple different runs.

After leaving the run, you can purchase Sammy from the character selection screen. The price varies depending on how many characters you have bought so far. Sammy is an utterly broken character from the get-go (I don’t want to spoil anything), and I hope you will enjoy playing him as much as I did!

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