Slurp Cactus in desert biome of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3
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Where to Find Slurp Cactus in Fortnite

Nature is on your side!

Along with the new and returning weapons in Fortnite, there are more ways to heal, shield, and power up your character. Slurp is still one of the most effective and straightforward ways to get some extra health and shield, and it is even easier now with the wasteland Slurp Cactus. Here’s where to find them.

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How to Restore Health and Shields with Slurp Cactus in Fortnite

Slurp usually comes in several different forms: small hand-held splashes, splash barrels, and now also as cacti. It’s easy to completely miss these cacti if you aren’t looking for them specifically.

The best way to know that they are Slurp is to look for that iconic bright blue color. They aren’t all green; instead, some of their limbs are turning blue. To receive the Slurp from them, you’ll need to break them open.

Slurp Cactus Locations in Fortnite

Unlike the Slurp barrels, Slurp Cactus can only be found in more specific locations, primarily the new desert biome of the map. Starting just south of Restored Reels, the bottom half of the map, surrounding Nitrodrome, Sandy Steppes, Redline Rig, and Brutal Beachhead, you’ll start seeing some cactus growing around the sides of the roads.

How to Use Slurp Cactus in Fortnite

Once you find a Slurp Cactus, you’ll need to break it open to receive the Slurp from it. It works just like a Slurp Barrel. If you have full health, it will only give you a shield. If not, you can receive health first, then build a shield after your health is full. There are two different ways you can break the Slurp Cactus:


Breaking Splash Cactus with a pickaxe in Fortnite
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The first, most obvious way to break open the Slurp Cactus is to hit it with your pickaxe. Switch to your pickaxe by pressing Y, Triangle, or F, then swing at it until it explodes into a Slurp splash. It usually breaks in two to three hits. You can also break it by shooting at it with your gun as well, but you’ll want to make sure you’re standing in range of the splash.


Breaking slurp cactus with a car in Fortnite
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The second way you can break it is just by running into it with your car. This is a much faster way to do it, especially if you’re already driving around. Just approach it with your car and drive straight through it. It will break on impact and give you the splash without requiring you to get out of the vehicle. Plus, if you have more teammates in the car with you, you can share it with them as well.

No matter how you choose to harvest your Slurp from these cacti, it’ll be beneficial to you. Keeping your health and shield high is essential to getting that Victory Royale. Another method to do that makes things so much easier.

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