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Where to Find the Save File Location in Granblue Fantasy Relink to Backup Save Data

Find your save data so you can back it up and protect yourself from save file corruption in GBF: Relink.

GBF Relink on PC currently has a save corruption bug affecting players’ saves. From reports, it’s random, too. Here, I’ll go over where to find your Granblue Fantasy: Relink save file location so you don’t have to stress about this destructive bug.

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Where is the Granblue Fantasy: Relink Save File Location?

You can find your Granblue Fantasy: Relink save data in the following directory, with the “username” portion changed to your Windows username: C:\username\appdata\local\GBFR\Saved\SaveGames. Cygames hasn’t released a patch for the save data corruption bug in GBF Relink yet, and the community hasn’t figured out exactly what triggers the loss of their save data.

How to Backup Your Granblue Fantasy: Relink Save Data

While the game experiences save corruption and loading issues, I recommend backing up your save data for Granblue Fantasy: Relink each time you play. Navigate to the above folder and copy your current save file, then paste the copy to a different folder. Alternatively, make a new folder in the save file directory titled “Backups” or whatever you like, and paste it in there. That’s what I like to do to keep everything tidy.

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How to Prevent the Save Corruption Bug or Unable to Load Issues in GBF: Relink

Both of these issues are plaguing the Relink community on Steam. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about it. But there are two ways you can reduce the chances of your save files becoming corrupted or unable to load.

The first method is to backup your save data each time you launch the game, as highlighted above. The second is to disable autosaves in the settings. I haven’t had either happen to me yet, but I’ve turned off autosaving and make sure to back my data up before I play since Cygames haven’t made a statement about these bugs.

With that, you know where to find the save file location in Granblue Fantasy: Relink to protect yourself from losing your progress. Look for more guides on Platinum’s GBF entry here on GameSkinny.

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