Ponce de Leon's forgotten spyglass on the island of hope in Survival: Fountain of Youth
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Where to Find Ponce de Leon’s Forgotten Spyglass in Survival: Fountain of Youth

X marks the spot, but here's how to get there in Survival: Fountain of Youth!

Even though this special artifact isn’t one of the starting items, it’s still something you’ll want to track down early on in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon left a map drawing to lead you right to it, but it can be confusing, so we can help set you in the right direction.

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Ponce de Leon Spyglass Location in Survival: Fountain of Youth

You’ll start the hunt for Ponce De Leon’s Spyglass after reaching his abandoned camp. This is within the cave on the Island of Hope. There’s a large sketch of a map on the cave wall. However, you’ll also get a smaller slip of paper you can pick up to view in your Journal. This map has a vague direction with an ‘x’ of the Spyglass.

From looking at the map alone, it appears to be up and to the right of the cave. However, venturing out on foot on the island isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s easy to run into obstacles and get lost. Here are some more direct steps to help you reach this location more easily.

If you’ve mapped out a bit more of the Island of Hope, you’ll see the Spyglass show up as a diamond on your map. This makes it a lot easier to know where to look, but here are some other steps to take to get there:

  • Head through the cave, past the lit torch to the other side (you’ll be in a larger quarry area).
  • Start walking forward and toward the right, in the northeast direction. There will be a bunch of trees in front of you. Keep weaving through the trees, staying in the same diagonal direction (Look out for any animals prowling around. There are plenty of scorpions here).
  • Eventually, you’ll come to some stone ruins within the trees. On it, you’ll find a chest with a Snake Potion and a book on the ground next to it. From the ruins, continue onward in the same northeast (but just slightly more east now) direction.
  • You’ll finally arrive at the Harbor, a large open space with water. There will be a partially built wooden harbor here, and just to the right of it, you’ll see the Spyglass on the ground to pick up.

The Spyglass is an artifact item, so it won’t appear in your Inventory like regular items. Instead, it will be on the Journal page of your menu and give you a passive bonus that allows you to map out further. It provides a +25% bonus to your mapping range at all times.

Nearby, you’ll also find a Wooden Hammer and some building kits to help you start building your first base. Your next step for the main quests will be taking the Spyglass to the observatory, where you’ll use it to map out more of the Island of Hope.

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