Sunken Goldmine landing site.
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Where to Find the Sunken Goldmine for the Blaster Sloop Blueprint in Skull and Bones

The Blaster Sloop blueprint is sold by a vendor at the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones.

The Blaster Sloop is one of the better ships in Skull and Bones. Fire, wood, and gunpowder are always good combinations for destroying enemy vessels, and the Blaster Sloop fills that role by giving you access to good fire damage abilities. But you need the blueprint before setting sail. Here’s where to find the Sunken Goldmine for the Blaster Sloop blueprint in Skull and Bones.

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One of the fire-dealing ships, the Blaster Sloop plan is sold by a faction merchant. This is where to find the Sunken Goldmine for the Blaster Sloop blueprint in Skull and Bones.

How to Get to the Sunken Goldmine in Skull and Bones

The Sunken Goldmine is located in the Ziwa Kubwa region to the west of Sainte-Anne. While I was looking for it, I was given one of the Relics of the Past treasure maps that pointed toward its location, the southwestern edge of the island west of Hartafu on the map.

Sunken Goldmine map location.
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The Exact Map Location for the Sunken Goldmine

From Sainte-Anne, sail west all the way to the Coast of Africa. Head toward Hartafu, specifically the Lumbermill. Continue west through the small river between the continents. When you get into the open waters of Ziwa Kubwa, go north along the coast. Sail toward the white tree design on the map.

The Sunken Goldmine is the first dockable settlement you encounter in this area. When you visit it for the first time, you unlock it as a fast travel location.

How to Get the Blaster Sloop Blueprint

Sloop blueprint from Ungwana Merchant at the Sunken Goldmine.
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Unlike the Sambuk blueprint, you don’t need to be at a certain Infamy level to purchase the Sloop plan. Just speak with the Ungwana Merchant at the landing area and hand over 4,950 Silver. If you don’t want to dish out the coin for it, wait until you get The Devil’s Gambit quest. You get the Blaster Sloop blueprint as a reward upon completion.

How to Craft the Blaster Sloop Ship

While at the Shipwright, select “Craft a New Item.” Then, select the Blaster Sloop ship, which costs 2,700 Silver to build. (That’s right, the blueprint is more expensive than the vessel itself.) Along with the labor cost, you need x8 Cobalt Ingot, x8 Fine Hemp, x4 Casting Sand, and x4 Lime.

All raw materials can be found along the Coast of Africa. Casting Sand and Lime are commodities in Ungwana. You can buy them, salvage them from Floating Loot, plunder their locations, or destroy their ships to obtain enough of the necessary items.

That’s how to get to the Sunken Goldmine for the Blaster Sloop blueprint in Skull and Bones. If you’re looking to start your game over, for other blueprints, or are wondering how to save, check out our treasure chest filled with guides.

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