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Where to Get Straw in Skyrim

Learn where to get Straw in Skyrim easily and what it's used for.

If you’re having fun with building structures in Hearthfire but are wondering where to get Straw, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where to get Straw in Skyrim.

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Skyrim: Where to Get Straw

Straw is one of the building materials in Skyrim: Hearthfire. It can be found at most General Goods Merchants and some Khajit Caravans. Its base value is one gold and it weighs one unit of Encumbrance per stack. Here’s a list of some of the most common merchants selling straw by city:

  • Whiterun: Belethor’s General Goods.
  • Windhelm: Sadri’s Used Wares.
  • Riften: The Pawned Prawn.
  • Winterhold: Birna’s Oddments.
  • Markarth: Arnleif and Sons Trading Company.
  • Solitude: Bits and Pieces.
  • Falkreath: Gray Pine Goods.

I would also recommend checking out the respective marketplaces of each town for more Straw, and I also had some success at getting it from intercity Khajit Caravans. Though fast traveling to these caravans is sometimes tricky. Remember that once you buy their inventory, merchants need to restock. The restock time is 48 hours which can be circumvented by waiting 24 hours twice.

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You can use Straw in building the following:

  • Apiaries
  • Beds
  • Archery Targets
  • Trophies
  • Practice Dummies

If you don’t want to keep waiting 24 hours twice, fast traveling to the above areas in a cycle works well. Of course, this requires you to have progressed the game enough where each town is discovered.

I also recommend making your own Straw by building a mill on your property or using one at a local farm area. This can introduce another steady supply without having to fast travel as much. We hope this guide on where to get Straw in Skyrim was helpful. For more guides like how to move NPCs or get Glass, check out our Skyrim tips page.

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