Wondering who's the actor behind the voice of characters in Final Fantasy 16? This list gives you what you want.

Who are the Final Fantasy 16 Voice Actors and Cast?

Wondering who's the actor behind the voice of characters in Final Fantasy 16? This list gives you what you want.

There are some high standards for the Final Fantasy series in terms of voice acting, and Final Fantasy 16 isn’t exempt. Both the English and Japanese voice over casts have already been released, with some names that should be familiar to those who delve into FF16 VA lists for their favorite games and shows.

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Eleven characters have had their actors confirmed, whether on the official Final Fantasy 16 website or on IMDb. These are some of the more discussed characters, such as protagonist Clive Rosfield or his mentor Cidolfus Telamon. Other NPCs, like Charon or Mid, haven’t had their actors confirmed at this time. 

Some actors may be recognizable from their work in the A Plague Tale series, or from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. While most of the currently known actors seem to have stuck to video games, there are a few who have entries in animation and voicing massive puppets for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

Final Fantasy 16 English Voice Actors

  • Clive Rosfield, Young Clive Rosfield: Ben Starr
  • Joshua Rosfield: Logan Hannan
  • Jill Warrick: Susannah Fielding
  • Young Jill Warrick: Charlotte McBurney
  • Cidolfus Telamon: Ralph Ineson
  • Nina Yndis: Benedikta Harman 
  • Hugo Kupka: Alex Lanipekun
  • Dion Lesage: Stewart Clarke
  • Barbabas Tharmr: David Menkin
  • Tarja: Michelle Fox

Final Fantasy 16 Japanese Voice Cast

  • Clive Rosfield: Yuya Uchida
  • Young Clive Rosfield: Yuma Uchida
  • Joshua Rosfield: Natsumi Fujiwara
  • Jill Warrick, Young Jill Warrick: Megumi Han
  • Cidolfus Telamon: Hiroshi Shirokuma
  • Benedikta Harman: Akari Higuchi
  • Hugo Kupka: Yasuhiro Mamiya
  • Dion Lesage: Yuichi Nakamura
  • Barnabas Tharmr: Gotaro Tsunashima

Those are the known English and Japanese voice actors for Final Fantasy 16. As more characters are revealed and the games release comes closer, more voice actors may be added to the list. For other Final Fantasy 16 info, check out our game hub

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