Why Should I Write About Video Games?

You and your opinions are valuable; it's just a matter of putting them out there.

You love games–we all love games.  Who knows all the games we love better than us, the ones who play them?  People want to know about the games they love, might love, or haven’t discovered yet – and that’s where you come in.

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Write About Games!

Why would you go to the company who made the game for the information about a game?  They are going to tell you it’s the best game you’ll ever play, every time–why would they say anything different? But when you get news from real gamers, you get something really interesting.

Write game reviews: When you write a game review, it’s a real opinion. Gamers are in it for the entertainment, so even if we have a bias opinion on a game or game developer, we have that opinion for a reason. We either loved the game or we hated it. Share that realness with your fellow gamers, and help them pick the games to play (or skip).

Write gaming news: The game developers will release their PR to everyone, what makes coverage different is your unique spin – what does your past experience with their games tell you about this news? Does it seem realistic? Smell fishy? Share your know-how, and other gamers will thank you!

Write gaming tips: Every gamer has some in-game info that other folks need. Whether it’s how to beat that one level with the boss guy, or how not to tell off your annoying friend when he chews into the headset on chat channels, there’s lots of savvy to share.

Write about gaming culture: When there’s a new Dr. Who computer case or it’s Pokemon’s birthday, the world needs to know.

All of these are very important to players and have the potential to reach millions of readers.

How we will get you heard

Unless you already have your established fan base how do you get your ideas out there?  The key is SEO and a PR company; if you’re just one person writing on your personal blog, why would you even bother?  We have these resources for you.  Not only that, but we have a team of editors to help you improve as a writer. 

Get Started Now

There is nothing stopping you now from writing about what you love… or hate, and the world being able to see it.  You are just a few clicks away.  Create an account and post, it’s really just that simple.  

We have a dashboard to show you how your articles progress and you’ll be hearing from our on-staff editors about your article with friendly tips and corrections.

You and your opinions are valuable; it’s just a matter of putting them out there.

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