Want to make money quickly in Wild Hearts? Here's how to rake in the gold faster.

Wild Hearts: How to Make Money Fast

Want to make money quickly in Wild Hearts? Here's how to rake in the gold faster.

There are only a few things in Wild Hearts that cost significant amounts of money, but because of gold’s relative rarity compared to the likes of Monster Hunter, building up a stock early and quickly makes future upgrades easier.

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The way you make money in Wild Hearts is also a little different, though, as with most things about this game, there’s some Monster Hunter cheese in there too. Here’s how to earn it fast and easy. 

How to Make Easy Gold in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts has two primary sources of money: selling valuables and kemono monster materials/food. Completing a hunt does not, on its own, reward any currency.

Instead, every time you hunt a monster, it drops different sets of crafting materials, a Teardrop or unit of Kemono Blood, and a valuable item, denoted by the coin symbol next to it. More difficult monsters give more valuable valuables, which you can then take to the Crimson Treasury, where you can sell them for gold to the proprietress Kōgyoku.

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The same is true of kemono and crafting materials and food items you collect. Every material or piece of food has an associated selling price. The first several kemono you fight will not have materials worth very much, but the deeper you go into the story, the more expensive things will become.

The key to making a lot of money fast is discovering one or two kemono monsters you can defeat quickly and consistently. More importantly, you need to enjoy fighting them enough to grind out the half a dozen or so defeats it will take to earn enough valuables to last you a while.

You’ll want to craft weapons that take advantage of your preferred target’s vulnerabilities, and once you’re done with the farm, be sure to use the materials to craft different weapons and the kemono’s armor set.

You only lose what you don’t immediately need when selling food and crafting materials. As you progress through the game’s various zones, you’ll unlock more expensive items with better stats when eaten or used for crafting. These will have a higher price, and you’re freer to sell them rather than use them in drying or pickling.

And those are the basics for making money quickly in Wild Hearts. Put briefly, it’s “kill monsters, sell their stuff,” but there is, as always, a little more nuance than that. For more Wild Hearts content, check out our guides hub, and see our review for our thoughts on the game.

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