Make friends with all the small kemono in Wild Hearts with this guide to petting them.

Wild Hearts: How to Pet Small Kemono

Make friends with all the small kemono in Wild Hearts with this guide to petting them.

There are hundreds of creatures to discover across the world of Wild Hearts. You’ll be most familiar with the large Kemono monsters you’ll repeatedly hunt, but dozens and dozens of smaller Kemono have materials you need. You don’t have to slay them for every material, though, sometimes you can just be friendly. Here’s how to pet small Kemono for fun and profit.

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How to Pet Small Kemono in Wild Hearts

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Every small Kemono in Wild Hearts provides two material types: slain and petted. To pet a small Kemono, you need to sneak up on them and press the button prompt labeled Pet. Small Kemono aware of your presence might not run, and they may attack, but they won’t allow you to pet them until you’ve left them alone for a few minutes.

You might have seen the Pet prompt during the tutorial, and any materials you earn in that introductory section carry over to the wider game. Petting small Kemono only awards a single unique material per creature, so look carefully on the ground nearby for a small green-glowing stone.

Note that some small Kemono can’t be petted — the floating serpents, aggressive crabs, and other predatory beasts, for instance. These you have no choice but to kill and attack soon after you get close.

Make a point to always pet each small Kemono you come across at least a few times as you hunt the zone they occupy, as you’ll likely need at least one of their dropped materials to craft either a new weapon or armor piece. They might also help you upgrade other parts of the town of Minato, like the bathhouse or other unlockable areas.

Petting the small Kemono is also a nice way to relax at the beginning or during a hunt, as the little beasts will appreciate the gesture whether they give you something or not. If you’re looking to add some of the smallest animals in Wild Hearts to your collection, we have a guide on how to have them as pets. We’ve also curated a best weapon upgrades tier list, and answered whether the game is open world. For even more content, head to our Wild Hearts guides hub.

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