You don't start a game of Wild Hearts with every weapon available, here's how to unlock all the weapons in the game.

Wild Hearts: How to Unlock and Upgrade All Weapons

You don't start a game of Wild Hearts with every weapon available, here's how to unlock all the weapons in the game.

When you first unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor in Wild Hearts, you’ll notice a particularly blatant omission from the upgrade menu: three weapons are nothing but question marks. And unfortunately, they’ll stay that way for at least a few hours, and unlocking the ability to craft them will take some time and no small amount of effort. Here’s how.

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How to Unlock and Upgrade All Weapons in Wild Hearts

To unlock the ability to craft and upgrade every weapon in the game, you’ll need to reach Chapter 2. Doing that requires hunting a Ragetail, Sapscourge, Kingtusk, Spinetail, Dreadclaw, and a Lavaback.

Finally, you’ll need to participate in the Earthbreaker siege and enjoy the festival honoring its defeat. Only then will the remaining three weapons become available.

Before Chapter 2, you can access the following:

  • Karakuri Katana (Sword)
  • Nodachi (Greatsword)
  • Bow
  • Maul
  • Bladed Wagasa (Bladed umbrella)

Once you reach Chapter 2, you unlock the following:

  • The Hand Cannon (A literal cannon you can technically hold in your hands)
  • The Claw Blade (Dual blades connected by a steel thread)
  • The Karakuri Staff (Multiple weapons rolled into one)

How to Upgrade Weapons in Wild Hearts

Upgrading these weapons all follows the same set of three trees, and unique to Wild Hearts is the ability to revert your crafted weapons and get a full refund of all materials spent. So, if you make a Fire-element Karakuri Katana with Lavaback parts but want a Claw Blade instead, simply revert your Katana to its base form and use the parts to make your new weapon.

The only cost for un-upgrading and re-upgrading weapons is gold, and with making money being so easy in Wild Hearts, your only limits are how often you want to move from weapon type to weapon type or if you can stomach farming for all the same parts again and again. Every kemono has different elemental, status, and damage-type weaknesses, and if you’re after saving money, the time investment in making a weapon for each of them will pay dividends.

And with that, you know how to unlock every weapon in Wild Hearts. It takes at least a little grinding, especially if you don’t try to shotgun the story campaign, but if you must have easy access to everything the game has to offer as fast as possible, doing so is your only choice. For more Wild Hearts content like this, check out our guides hub.

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