WildStar Adventure Guide: War of the Wilds

Want to know how to get a gold medal on the War of the Wilds Adventure in WildStar? Then, look no further than here!
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War of the Wilds is a level 25 adventure in WildStar much like a MOBA-style game, League of Legends, Dota 2, etc. I’ll go over everything in this adventure, and make sure you know how to get gold medals every time. Are you ready for an all-out brawl? Try not to get spanked, spanky!

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This guide will cover the War of the Wilds Adventure including:

  • Capture the Flag – What to do in this adventure.
  • Go for Gold – What’s required to get gold and tips on getting it.

Capture the Flag

This game is like Capture the Flag and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mixed together. Your goal is to take the enemy’s base totem. You’ll get hilariously killed if you try to do this at the beginning.

Your team gets minions, skeech or moodie depending on what faction you are on. These minions fight other minions and the enemy team. That’s right, you also fights other “Champions”. These are A.I. character that behave much like players.

Your map shows the locations of all the flags, if they were taken, and who controls them.

I play Exile so the flags we control are blue, the enemy has red, and the non-colored have not been claimed yet. I don’t know if the color changes for the Dominion.

  • You can take an enemy flag, but you have to fights a slightly stronger than normal minion before you can start taking it.
  • The enemy can also take flags you’ve captured, so watch out for that.
  • Bosses also sit around the map that upgrade your minions when defeated.
  • The more flags you take, the more minions you get, making it easy to destroy the enemy base totem. In fact, with enough minions, you won’t need to even attack the base, your minions will destroy it without you.

Go for Gold

To get gold in this adventure, you must have a positive kill/death ratio with the enemy champions and complete 2 challenges. This means that you your team must kill at least one enemy champion without dying. You can die, but every time you do, you must kill another champion, on top of the one needed.

For example, if you have 3 deaths on your team, you must kill 4 enemy champions. This lets you still get gold if you die, but makes it a lot harder. Also, you must kill them, not your minions.

  • It’s a good idea to take the bottom and middle routes first.

The challenges requires make this adventure harder and take a lot longer than necessary. They are random and only come after being in the adventure for a while. Below is the list of possible challenges I’ve seen so far.

  • Kill 20 minions4 minute time limit.
  • Take a Shrine – Kill one of the bosses, then take the shrine that upgrades your minions. 2 minute time limit.
  • Survive – Just don’t die for 2 minutes.

Killing the Player-like A.I. is the most important part of this adventure if you want to get gold. 

  • They have no threat and won’t go at a set path.
  • The best bet, especially in a random group, is to find one by itself and kill it.
  • Fighting all 5 at once is not recommended, but it can be done. Watch for the healer and take them out first.
  • Do not engage enemy players if they have a huge group of minions with them unless you have a group with you as well. You’ll get overwhelmed

Keep an eye on the score, and map, so you know when you need to retake a flag and know where the enemy might be.

That’s it for this adventure guide on War of the Wilds. If you want any more tips and help, check out our WildStar Guides

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

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