WildStar Guides - for Beginners, the Hardcore, and Eldan Wannabes

Need to know where that special AMP is located? How the heck do you craft? Or just want to see people fail in dungeons? GameSkinny has it all covered with their ridiculous list of everything awesomely hardcore!

WildStar is one hell of a ride! If you are used to the traditional way of playing an MMO, the slow-pace handholding that usually is around during level cap, then prepared to have you socks blown off, Cupcake!

Carbine Studios will throw a lot at you very quickly, very hard, and sometimes they will just not even throw you a bone! Yeah, hardcore! Sounds like you need an escort, someone to show you the nooks and crannies of Nexus.

One Better

GameSkinny realises that just one person can't tackle Nexus and be back in time for breakfast. This is why we put together the elite team of Synzer, Jay R and Proto Foe!



WildStar - Adventure Guide - Hycrest Insurrection (Exile)

WildStar - Adventure Guide - Siege of the Tempest Refuge

WildStar - Adventure Guide - War of the Wilds

WildStar - Adventure Guide - Crimelords of Whitevale

WildStar - Adventure Guide - The Malgrave Trail


WildStar - Dungeon Guide - Stormtalon's Lair


Genetic Archives Attunement 


WildStar - PvP Guide -  Halls of the Bloodsworn

WildStar - PvP Guide - Walatiki Temple

WildStar - PvP Guide - Daggerstone Pass


WildStar - Tradeskills Guide - The Basics

WildStar - Tradeskills Guide - Leveling



Spellslinger DPS Build

Spellslinger Healing Build


Stalker Tank Build


WildStar - AMP Locations - The Master Collection


WildStar - Basic Class Attributes Detailed

WildStar - Paths Detailed

WildStar - How to Install Addons


WildStar - an Introduction to Housing Plots


WildStar First Impressions - Early Access Launch (From Danielle)

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Published Aug. 1st 2014

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