Wildstar – AMP Locations – Master Guide

Your comprehensive guide to WildStar's AMP locations.

Your comprehensive guide to WildStar's AMP locations.

AMPs are WildStar’s answer to talent trees and are a little more complex than typical MMOs. Unfortunately, they also are not terribly well explained in-game and new players are finding themselves spamming chat with: “how/where do I get X AMP?” and “WTB [insert X AMP].”

Here’s where you can find every AMP in WildStar for each class. The following charts list every AMP and what they do, sorted by leveling locations. Articles are split in two, covering separate locations for the Dominion and the Exile

To see our full WildStar AMP Location Guide in convenient Google spreadsheet form, click here or goo.gl/vp4M5v.
  • Engineer AMP Location Guide
  • Esper AMP Location Guide
  • Medic AMP Location Guide
  • Spellslinger AMP Location Guide
  • Stalker AMP Location Guide
  • Warrior AMP Location Guide

Note: If there are discrepancies, please let me know in the comments section below the article that contains the error. Or, contact me via Twitter @ZacaJay.

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