WildStar Class Guide: Spellslinger DPS Build

I go over my preferred Spellslinger DPS build in this detailed guide!

I go over my preferred Spellslinger DPS build in this detailed guide!

Spellslinger is a very mobile class in WildStar. Every ability they have is usable on the move with the right points put in. Like every class, there is no “perfect” build, and that’s just fine. I’ll go over the build I use and why. I hope you’re ready because Spellslingers shoot first, then shoot again later!

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This guide will go over my Spellslinger DPS build including:

  • Limited Action Set Build – Every ability I use and what they do.
  • AMP Build – Every AMP I use, what they do, and why I chose them.
  • Rotation Tips – Basic rotation and priority list for this build.

Limited Action Set Build

If you’d like to see exactly what the build looks like, look up Synzer’s Charged DPS Build on ws-base.com. This guide will explain in detail everything I’ve chosen. Let’s start by explaining each ability in this set.

This build is for level 50 PvE. It does not use the extra ability and AMP points you can get. So this uses 41 Ability Points and 45 AMP points.

  • Quick Draw (Tier 8) – This is your main attack and one every should have if they DPS as a Spellslinger. It does physical damage.
    • It has no cooldown and its mostly used on downtime and for the Tier 8 effect.
    • At Tier 8 it increases your Assault Power by 10% for 6 seconds every time you hit an enemy with the full duration of the attack.
  • Charged Shot (Tier 8) – This skill does a lot of magic damage when maxed out.
    • At first it isn’t worth getting since you can’t move while using it, but after getting to at least Tier 4, you can move while casting it.
    • Using the Spell Surged damage reduces the charge time so you can use it much faster.
    • Tier 8 almost doubles the damage the last charge does. I’ve seen some high number when I get a critical hit.
  • Wild Barrage – This channeled ability does physical damage and should always be used  with Spell Surge.
    • This does a good amount of damage, but you really want it because of the Spell Surge effect. It does more damage and pierces 100% armor.
  • Flame Burst – A great magic attack that takes advantage of high critical hit chance.
    • This move is only usable after a critical hit, but it does great damage.
  • Assassinate – Exactly what it sounds like. A physical attack meant to finish off enemies.
    • It does much more damage to enemies below 30% health. The Spell Surge version does the same amount of damage.
  • True Shot (Tier 4) – Long physical attack that hits 3 times total and pierces 35% armor.
    • This ability has an initial 2 second cast time and you tap the ability two more times.
    • Each cast after the first one gets reduced by half.
    • Tier 4 increases armor pierce to 50%.
  • Gate – This is your interrupt.
    • This is more reliable than Arcane Shock, but make sure you don’t push yourself into danger.
  • Void Slip – My favorite Spellslinger ability. This saves you so many times.
    • This puts you in “The Void” for 3.5 seconds. You can’t be harmed while in there.
    • Not only does it break all CC, it removes all threat. Great for when you take too much.
    • It’s also useful for completely avoiding attacks. Just be aware of your surroundings so you don’t come back into an enemy telegraph.

Like everything, this depends on what you’re trying to do. Sometimes you might need to destroy more interrupt armor and in that case use Tier 4 Gate and take away Tier 4 from True Shot.

You might need snare or root and if you do, I’d take away True Shot and use either Chill or Flash Freeze. Everything is situational.

AMP Build

AMP are like talent points in other MMOs. They are equally important to your build because they increase damage and unlock more skills/effects.

Assault AMPs

  • Tier 1
    • Assault Power 1-3 – Combined, they increase your assault power by 7.5%.
    • Armor Pierce 1-3 – Combined, they increase your armor pierce by 6%.
    • Strikethrough 1-3 – Combined, they increase strikethrough by 3%.
  • Tier 2
    • Critical Surge – Generates 6 spell power when you get a critical hit. Can only occur every 6 seconds.
    • Trigger Fingers – Using Quick Draw reduces all cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.
    • Deadly Chain – Landing a magical or physical attack grants an Empower for that type of damage. The Empower increases damage of that type by 1.5% and stacks 3 times.
  • Tier 3
    • Surge Damage – Using a Spell Surged ability increases damage dealt by 10% for 4 seconds.
    • Assassinate – Unlock the Assassinate ability.
    • Gunslinger – Using an ability with a cooldown increases critical hit chance by 2.5% and stacks 3 times.

Hybrid A/S AMPs

  • Tier 1
    • Critical Hit 1-3 – Combined, increases critical hit chance by 6%.
    • Critical Hit Severity 1-3 – Combined, increases critical hit severity by 12%.
  • Tier 2
    • Power Surge – Increases Assault and Support power by 8.6% of current maximum while under the effects of Spell Surge.

The tier 1 AMPs for both sections are self-explanatory, you want these stat boosts.

Critical Surge is great because you get spell power back, which is used for Spell Surge, when you get critical hits.

Trigger Fingers changes things a lot by giving you lower cooldowns every time you use Quick Draw. With Tier 8 Quick Draw, you should use it ver often anyway.

Deadly Chain basically gives you free damage boosts just for hitting with your attacks.

Surge Damage gives you a great damage boost for using spell surged abilities, which this build takes full advantage of.

Gunslinger increases critical hit chance even more, so you definitely want that.

Power Surge is another great damage boost just for using Spell Surge.

Rotation Tips

This is the basic rotation/priority I use. For an easier view, check out the build on ws-base.com.

Note: This is without the Trigger Fingers Amp. Cooldown times will vary.

Star with Quick Draw, (Spell Surge On), Charged Shot, Wild Barrage, (Spell Surge Off) Use Flame Burst if it procs during this time. Quick Draw again, (Spell Surge On), True Shot, (Spell Surge Off), Quick Draw.

  • At this point, if Charged Shot is up, use it. You want to use Spell Surge for sure on Wild Barrage. Usually try to stay above 2 charges of Spell power and if you have enough, use it on True Shot.

For burst damage, start with Quick Draw, (Spell Surge On), Wild Barrage, then all Assassinate charges, (Spell Surge Off). 

  • Even though you want to save Assassinate for when the boss is below 30%, it’s still a DPS increase to use it at any time.
  • Use it in between your normal rotation, just be sure to save it when the boss gets close to 30%.

The reason you want to change Spell Surge on and off so much is to save Spell Power while using Tier 8 Quick Draw. 

  • You’ll want to use this between every ability or 2, so conserve your Spell Power.

That wraps up this full guide on my Spellslinger DPS build for WildStar. My guildmate, Tora, has another build if you prefer Ignite, it just doesn’t work for me right now. For other tips and guides, visit our WildStar Guides.

If you have any questions, or suggestions of your own build, let me know in the comments!

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