WildStar Class Guide: Stalker Tank Build

Become the best at what you do with this Stalker tank guide for WildStar.

Become the best at what you do with this Stalker tank guide for WildStar.

Stalker tanks are the stealth, rogue tanks of WildStar. Unlike most games though, this isn’t a joke. Despite having medium armor, (squishy), they are arguably one of the best tanks in the game at the moment. This is due to their abilities and AMPs. Knowing how to play the class is a bonus I guess, if you want to be picky.

I’ll help you with abilities and AMPs part, the rest is up to you. For anything else related to WildStar, check out our WildStar Guides. Get ready to eviscerate you er enemies with claws, (like Wolverine), and seem nearly unkillable as you take every kind of attack, (also like Wolverine). Basically, get ready to be Wolverine.

This guide will go over my Stalker Tank build including:

  • Limited Action Set Build – Every ability I use and what they do.
  • AMP Build – Every AMP I use, what they do, and why I chose them.
  • Rotation Tips – Basic rotation and priority list for this build.

Limited Action Set Build

If you’d like to see exactly what the build looks like, look up Synzer’s Stalker/Wolverine Tank Build on ws-base.com.

This build is for level 50 PvE. It does not use any extra ability or AMPs, so it is 41 ability points and 45 AMP points.

Assault Abilities
  • Punish (Base) (Need) Usable only after a critical hit and generates 30 suit power.
    • Even though it is an assault ability the description clearly explains why you want this as a tank. It generates suit power.
    • It also does a good deal of damage to help with threat.
Support Abilities
  • Nano Field (Tier 8) (So much Need) Multi-tap ability. Does area damage to 5 foes and heals for part of the damage done on 1st press. 2nd press stops the field and does more damage and healing.
    • Tier 4 makes it not cost suit power if you end it within 2 seconds of using the ability.
    • Tier 8 increases healing done to you by 8% and transfers 100% of the damage as health on 2nd press.
  • Whiplash (Tier 8) (Need) Basic threat attack that hits 5 foes twice.
    • Tier 8 causes you to recover 2 suit power every second for 5 seconds and stacks 2 times.
  • Decimate (Base) Usable after deflecting an attack. Hit 5 foes.
    • It also applies Weaken to foes, which reduces their damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Razor Storm (Base) Attack that hits 10 foes 3 times and grants Intimidate.
    • Intimidate matches the top threat on the enemy. Makes it easy to get threat back if you lose it.
  • Steadfast (Tier 5) (Need) For 4 seconds you have an 85% chance to deflect attacks made against you and restore 15 suit power.
    • Tier 4 has a 50% chance to reduce Steadfast’s cooldown by 2 seconds when activating it.
Utility Abilities
  • Stagger (Base) Destroy 1 interrupt armor, does damage to 5 foes and stuns them.
  • Collapse (Base) Destroys 1 interrupt armor does damage to 3 foes and pulls them.

Punish, Nano Field, Whiplash, and Steadfast should be used, always.

Decimate is great if you need more damage reduction.

Razor Storm is to make sure you can get threat back at any time. If you don’t need to worry about threat, replace it with something else.

Stagger and Collapse are your interrupts, it’s a good idea to have them so you won’t have to worry about missing any interrupts on bosses.

Tier 8 Whiplash vs. Tier 8 Steadfast

Both of these have great Tier 8 effects. It comes down to threat vs. mitigation. If you want more threat use Tier 8 Whiplash. Use Tier 8 Steadfast for better mitigation.

AMP Build

Support AMPs
  • Tier 1
    • Support Power 1-3 – Combined, they increase support power by 7.5%.
    • Deflect 1-3 – Combined, they increase deflect chance by 3%.
    • Deflect Critical hit 1-3 – Combined, they increase deflect critical hit chance by 6%.
  • Tier 2
    • Empowered Attack Mastery – Landing an attack while in Nano Skin: Evasive, (Tank Stance), has a 20% chance to restore 36.78% shield.
  • Tier 3
    • Last Stand – When dropping below 1% health, gain Invulnerability. For 3.5 seconds you can’t be killed and gain health every 0.5 seconds for 3.5 seconds. Can only occur every 2 minutes.
    • That’s All You Got? – While above 70% health gain defense. Reduces damage taken by 10%.
Hybrid S/U AMPs
  • Tier 1
    • Maximum Shield Capacity 1-3 – Combined, increases your maximum shield capacity by 9%.
  • Tier 2
    • Tech Mastery – Deflecting an attack grants a 50% chance to gain an Empower. Increases Tech by 28% of current maximum for 6 seconds.
Utility AMPs
  • Tier 1 
    • Cooldowns 1-3 – Combined, reduces cooldowns by 15%.
Assault AMPs
  • Tier 1
    • Critical Hit 1-3 – Combined, increases critical hit chance by 6%.
Hybrid A/S AMPs
  • Tier 1
    • Strikethrough 1-3 – Combined, increases Strikethrough chance by 3%.
  • Tier 2
    • Riposte – When your attack is deflected, gain an Empower. Increases Strikethrough chance by 6% for 5 seconds.

Most of the AMPs are self-explanatory, but I’ll go over a few not so obvious ones.

Critical Hit chance helps with Punish, since you can only use it after a critical hit.

Nothing messes you up more than missing an attack, so the Strikethrough AMPs help with that and let you get Riposte. Now if you get deflected, you won’t miss for at least 5 seconds. If you do, you might need to rethink a few things.

Last Stand makes you Wolverine. Love it. It also has the same name as the 3rd X-Men movie. Coincidence? I hope so, that was a terrible movie.

Rotation Tips

For a more visual explanation, visit my build at ws-base.com.

Starting Stealth and using Nano Field from stealth is a great opener because it reduces damage taken by 21% at Tier 8.

  • After that it is situational, use Whiplash often to keep threat, Punish and Decimate on cooldown when they proc. Razor Storm when you lose the threat.
  • Steadfast should also be used on cooldown and when it procs, but is also good to save for when you get low on suit power or if you know big damage is coming.

That wraps up my Stalker Wolverine tank guide for WildStar. For other tips and guides, visit our WildStar Guides.

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