WildStar Dungeon Guide: Stormtalon’s Lair

Check this guide out for full explanations of each boss in Stormtalon's Lair for both normal and veteran mode.
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Stormtalon’s Lair is one of the first dungeons you can do at level 20. I’m here to explain every boss in Stormtalon’s Lair so you’ll be prepared. Welcome to your first dungeon on Nexus, spanky!

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Credit to the header video goes to Spythe. He’s active on the WildStar Forums and has several videos of WildStar gameplay that you should check out. 

This guide will cover everything about the Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon including:
  • Trash Tips – Info on basic enemies other than the bosses.
  • Boss Fights – Explanations of each boss and each phase.
  • Battle Tips – Helpful tips during this dungeon.

Trash Tips – Clearing the trash.

For those that don’t know, “trash” is a commonly used term to describe enemies you fight in dungeons or raids that aren’t bosses. They are the normal enemies you have to defeat to get to the bosses.

Let me start of by saying for dungeons, you should always have at least one interrupt. If you don’t, you’re going to have a bad time. It’s a good idea to put as many interrupts as you can in your action set.

This allows you more freedom and you can pick up the slack in PUGs(pick-up groups) where some people won’t pay attention and interrupt when they’re supposed to.

Thundercall Shaman and Thundercall Sentinel
  • These two enemies always fight together. It is best if the tank pulls the Sentinel to the Shaman so the party can do cleave damage.
  • The Shaman periodically heals, so it is best to target him. When you see his cast, interrupt him. It has 1 interrupt armor so interrupt twice. The fight gets prolonged if you don’t stop the healing.
  • Just watch out for the telegraph of the sentinel and move out of it. It looks like a long rectangle with a circle in the middle.
Thundercall Storm-Weaver
  • The only thing you need to worry about is the stun he does on a player. You’ll see a telegraph and a cast called Conduction comes up. It has 2 interrupt armor so interrupt it 3 times or the player will die. Kill it before the second cast because interrupt will most likely be on cooldown.
  • It also casts a debuff it casts until it dies. It increases the damage taken so healers need to cleanse it.

Blade-Wind the Invoker (Boss)

Invoker is the first boss and probably the hardest in the dungeon.

1st Phase – Thunder Cross
  • Normal –He casts a spell called Thunder Cross which puts a giant cross telegraph on the field. Stay out of it at all costs. This can be interrupted.
    • He has 2 interrupt armor, so you can interrupt him 3 times to stun him. This stops him from doing the extra telegraphs for a short time and gives bonus damage at the same time.
  • Veteran – He adds a giant circle telegraph periodically on one of the Channeler’s throughout this phase.
2nd Phase – Add phase – Happens at 50%

“Adds” are additional enemies during a fight other than the boss.

  • Normal – Invoker becomes invulnerable and stops attacking. You have to kill all 4 of the adds to move on to the next phase.
    • Wisps move around the field that stun you if you get in their circle telegraph. Lightning also comes down in a circle telegraph on random players.
    • Focus on one enemy at a time. If you get targeted by lightning, move to an enemy. The lightning strikes them and does a lot of damage. Just be sure to move out-of-the-way before it hits!
  • Veteran – Same as normal, but Thunder Cross continues to happen in this phase. You also need to hit the channelers with thunder telegraph to take their shields away. You can DPS them down, but you’ll have to destroy the shield first, prolonging the fight.
Final Phase – Find the safe spot

After all the adds are gone, the next phase starts. Invoker starts attacking and everyone get “subdued”, which means their weapon goes away.

You’ll get your weapons back eventually, but you can also pick them up on the field. It’s important for the tank to get their weapon back quickly in order to continue generating threat so the boss doesn’t randomly kill someone.

Also, tanks can taunt right after the second phase ends, before the subdue. This makes it much easier to keep threat and saves your team a wipe. Alternatively, party members can give the tank interrupt armor to stop the subdue.

  • Normal – During this phase, wisps continue to circle the field, lightning strikes from 2nd phase happen, and Invoker performs a giant telegraph that only has a few safe spots. 
    • Find these safe spots quickly. You’ll probably have to dodge to them.
  • Veteran – Same thing, but he lays down two of the big telegraphs in a row. When he does it again, the number of telegraphs increases to 3. It continues to go up the longer you stay in the fight.

Aethros (Boss)

This is a tornado boss that has an interesting tornado-dodging mechanic.

1st Phase
  • Normal – Just fight the boss. Circle telegraphs appear, but they are easy to dodge. 
  • Veteran – Same as normal.
2nd Phase – Add phase
  • Normal – Aethros disappears and four small tornado adds appear. Defeat them to move on.
    • Try alternating stuns to help the healer. Just be sure it will be off cooldown for the next phase.
  • Veteran – In addition to the adds: circle telegraphs will appear, leaving lightning on the ground which will randomly target players. Move these away from the group.
    • Adds are not tauntable in Veteran so DPS needs to hold off if tank can’t generate enough threat.
    • It’s a good idea to stay at one side of the room and drop the telegraphs there to give you a clear running path. Alternate to the other side when it happens again.
3rd Phase – Tornado Run

After the adds are down, the boss appears and teleports everyone back. Now you have to run a gauntlet back to Aethros.

  • Normal – Tornadoes move from side to side, and lightning strikes randomly. 
    • When you get to the Aethros, interrupt him. It takes 3 interrupts to stop him.
    • When you interrupt him, the tornadoes stop moving. He also gets stunned for a short time.
  • Veteran – Adds a random telegraph on a player that stuns them if they don’t move out of it. 

When you stop him, it goes back to phase one mechanics. On veteran, he also teleports to the other side of the room periodically.

Repeat phases 1-3.

4th Phase – Storm’s Fury

After going through each phase again, the last phase starts.

  • Normal – It is similar to the 1st phase, but now tornadoes move around the field and lightning strikes periodically.
  • Veteran – Same as normal.

Stormtalon (Final Boss)

1st Phase – Interrupt or die
  • Normal – Simple at first, just attack the boss. After a while, he knocks everyone back.
    • After the knock back, the boss begins channeling a telegraph that fills the room. Interrupt this before it finishes. It takes 3.
      • If you run towards the boss while strafing, you won’t get hit by the lightning telegraphs. They appear in front of where your character is facing.
    • Lightning strikes happen throughout the fight. Just doge these.
    • He also does a multi-lightning strike. Keep running from the telegraphs until it is over.
  • Veteran – Does a chain lightning that debuffs the tank and the closest target. This needs to be dispelled.

2nd Phase – Stay in the safe spot
  • Normal – After the large telegraph, lightning strikes happen.
    • Eventually a telegraph covers the field, with a safe spot targeted on a player.
    • Stay in the circle until the telegraph goes away. You’ll need to move to dodge the lightning.
  • Veteran – More/faster lightning strikes. The player targeted gets disoriented that can’t be cleansed. A CC break works though.

Repeat each phase until the boss dies. The phases are based on the health of the boss, so if you have trouble, wait until the lightning storm phase ends.

Additionally, you receive medals at the end of the dungeon based on time it takes to complete. You also must complete all optional objectives.

  • To get Bronze you only need to complete all objectives and finish.
  • Silver and higher requries you to complete all objectives and finish within 30 minutes.
  • Gold also requires you to complete all the challenges, the others do not.

That covers everything in the Stormtalon’s Lair dungeon. If you have any questions about anything, or notice something I might have missed, let me know in the comments!

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