WildStar Raid Attunement Guide: Genetic Archives

Check this guide out for full details on each attunement step for Genetic Archives in WildStar.

Check this guide out for full details on each attunement step for Genetic Archives in WildStar.

Raiding in WildStar isn’t something you can do once you hit max level and acquire decent gear. Nope, you have to earn by going through a series of challenges called attunement. It takes a good deal of time and is very challenging. The plus side is, you’ll be ready to raid for sure by the time you can actually step foot into Genetic Archives.

Attunement has been a pain for me, but I appreciate the challenge. Even though it is hard, I know I am a better player for it and that by completing the attunement, I’ll be ready for raiding.

There are also story quests that give you background to the game and raid. these are woven between the world objectives you must complete, such as completing dungeons with a silver medal, or gaining max reputation for your faction. 

Whichever stage of the attunement you are on, I’ll guide you through it. It’s time to go from “cupcake” to “hardcore”!

This guide goes over the full attunement process for Genetic Archives including:

Step 1 – Gathering 150 Elder Gems

The first step of attunement is get level 50 of course! After that, you’ll get a quest to start you quest to raiding. You can spot this questline easily because it says Attunement before the quest. 

  • Talk to the NPC in your capital city (Thayd or Illium).
  • Collect 150 Elder Gems. You get these by doing anything in the game that would have given experience below level 50.
  • Buy the Genesis Key from the Elder Gem Merchant in town. 

Plot twist: You can only get 140 Elder Gems a week normally! Boom Boxes can give one Elder Gem, though.

If you’re lucky, and buy them from other players, you can get the extra 10 this way and move on to the next step in your first week of being level 50. Otherwise, wait until your second week to move on.

Step 2 – Killing Guardian Pyralos

Now you have to kill a boss. Not just any boss, Guardian Pyralos. He’s in Wilderrun at these coördinates (3420, -4246).

This boss isn’t that hard when you know what to do. There are extinguishers circling the boss on the platform.

  • You must click these and wait 10 seconds for the bar to fill before it goes off. Any damage interrupts you.
  • When it does, it will make the boss vulnerable for you to damage him.
  • You take 1/6th of his health away every time you do this, there are 6 extinguishers.
  • This means, you don’t have to have good damage to beat this boss, survivability is the best because you can’t take more than 1/6 of his health at one time.
  • Watch out for the orbs around the field because they knock you back.
    • Alternatively, if too many group up, you can jump into them to get rid of them. Just be sure to not have your back facing the cliff.

Warwick Roberts does a great explanation video of the fight.

Step 3 – Rep Grind

Simple, get beloved (32000) rep with either Exiles or Dominion, depending on your faction. You get these by doing anything in the game. It’s a good idea to go to zone you haven’t gotten full rep in and finish them.

Step 4 – The Great Datacube Heist

This quest is fun once you know what you’re doing. Basically you go to an Arkship and have to take a datacube in the middle. Easy, right? Wrong! You have to unlock the datacube by going to all 4 panel areas around the room.

The 4 areas are: Alpha, Beta,  Delta, and Kappa. Each area has 4 panels. Click the panels in the order below to complete each puzzle.

  • Alpha – 4th panel, then 1st panel, 3rd, and 4th again. Count from left to right.
  • Beta – 4, 3
  • Delta – 1, 2, 3
  • Kappa – 4, 1, 3, 4

Avoid the patrol bots if you can. You can kill them, but they also summon a strong enemy that is tough to kill. Also, if you mess up, you can leave the  instance and come back in to reset the puzzle. 

After you complete all 4 puzzles, take the datacube in the center of the room.

Step 5 – Silver Adventures

Pretty straightforward, get a silver medal or higher in all 4 dungeons. Check out our WildStar Guides for guides on each adventure.

Step 6 – Farside’s Mech Battle Extravaganza!

Follow the quest to Farside where you must use a War Mech.

  • Use the quest ability to summon the War Mech.
  • Go to each generator and use EMP when prompted.
  • You have other ability that do great damage. Take out all the enemies by switching your attacks up.

Step 7 – Silver Dungeons

Same with the adventures, but now you have to do it for the 4 dungeons in the game. This arguably the hardest step. I only have the guide for Stormtalon’s Lair, but I’ll do on for each of the other 3 as well. 

To get silver in each dungeon you have to complete all the optional quests and finish it within a time limit. Below are the time limits for each dungeon.

  • Stormtalon’s Lair – 30 minutes
  • Ruins Kel’voreth – 40 minutes
  • Skullcano – 45 minutes
  • Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden – 75 minutes

Step 8 – Kill Snail Boss in Malgrave

This is a group boss. You should have at least 2 or 3 people with you. I highly suggest a healer is one of those people. 

It is located in Malgrave at these coordinates (163, 3660).

Step 9 – Elemental Form Quest

This quest takes you to Auroria. It’s easy, collect the stuff in the air, and don’t go too high if you value your life.

Step 10 – World Boss Tour

Now you have to kill 12 different world bosses. You heard me different. Below are 8 normal world bosses.

  • Algoroc – Kraggar the Earthbinder (3515, -3316)
  • Celestion – Gendelus the Guardian (2773, -1461)
  • Ellevar – Hoarding Steamdragon (2585, -4512)
  • Deradune – Metal Maw (-5135, 460)
  • Galeras – Doomthorn the Ancient (6248, -2474)
  • Auroria – King Honeygrave (-7681, -2239) –Buggy, try all others first
  • Farside – Defensive Protocol Unit (3756, -581) – Same as above.
  • Wilderrun – Zoetic (1079, -3604)
  • Malgrave has a Hellrose Bowl event that gives 3 bosses that count.
    • There is also an r-12 area event that summon 1 of 5 bosses. It is random so I wouldn’t try to do every one of the 5 bosses unless you feel like waiting.
  • Scorchwing is a boss in the new Strain area, Blighthaven. It counts for the attunement as well.

Step 11 – Kel’voreth Bonus Boss

The last part of the quest has you going back into the Ruins of Kel’voreth dungeon on Veteran. 

  • Kill the first boss, continue for a little, then click the panel on the left.
  • Stairs appear. Go up them to the boss.

That wraps up the full attunement guide for the first raid in Wildstar, Genetic Archives. Please visit our Wildstar Guides for help with anything else.

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