Will Party Animals Be on PS5 or Nintendo Switch?

Party Animals has cross-play and is available via Game Pass, but is it coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch?

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Party Animals jumps into the party brawler genre alongside titles like Gang Beasts and Bare Butt Boxing, but the platform options are a little scant. You can only get the game on a few platforms at launch, but it’s possible that won’t always be the case. Here, we’ll touch on whether Party Animals will be released on PS5 or Nintendo Switch at a later date.

What Platforms Will Party Animals Be On?

Right now, there are only three platforms you can play Party Animals on:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and Series S
  • PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam

It’s a pretty short list for the most anticipated title of this genre, but it’s what we have available for now. It might not be the only ones available forever, though, based on an FAQ post from developer Recreate Games.

Will Party Animals Come to PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch?

Whether the game will be coming out on PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch is currently a massive unknown. However, the developers’ own words in the FAQ on the Steam discussion forum shine some light on their plans. The question and answer is as follows:

  • Q: Why no PS, Switch, or mobile, and when will the game be available on these platforms?
  • A: As a startup studio, we can only ensure timely releases on XBOX and STEAM platforms. Developing for more platforms requires additional time. We’ll begin working on other platforms after the initial release.

It looks like Party Animals will indeed be making it onto at least PlayStation platforms sometime in the future, and probably the Nintendo Switch, as well. It’s feasible that a port to the Switch will take some time, but in the PS4 and PS5’s case, it’s more likely the Game Pass contract disallows release on Sony platforms for a time.

It looks like Party Animals will be on PS5 and PS4 eventually, and probably even the Nintendo Switch. But that time is not today, and it’s probably not near either. If you found this guide helpful, check out our other Party Animals guides here on GameSkinny.

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