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Will Rise of the Ronin be on PC?

With the game out on March 22, will Rise of the Ronin be on PC?

Rise of the Ronin is Team Ninja’s gritty war-torn feudal Japan story with an exciting mix of samurai dueling and gunslinging mechanics. The first question on anyone’s mind is what platforms the game is available on besides PS5. Mainly, will Rise of the Ronin be on PC?

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Is Rise of the Ronin Releasing on PC?

Unfortunately, Rise of the Ronin isn’t available on PC. It’s only on the PlayStation 5, and for the time being, it seems like the game will remain exclusive to PS5. While this isn’t anything new when it comes to PS5 releases, Team Ninja hasn’t made any announcements about launches on other platforms.

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That said, if Team Ninja’s previous franchises like Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, or most recently, Nioh are anything to go by, I’d assume we’ll be getting a PC release eventually. Games from all three of these series are currently on Steam in some form or another. The same happened for popular titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Ghosts of Tsushima, and now we can play them on Steam. So there’s a high likelihood we’ll be getting a Steam release since a large part of the fanbase of this game is on PC.

I would check back in about half a year to 12 months for any news regarding the port. We’ll keep you updated with any changes, of course. For example, it took Nioh nine months to come to PC, and for Nioh 2, it was about a year. With how massively popular the game is, chances are we’re looking at a similar time frame for Rise of the Ronin.

So, will Rise of the Ronin be on PC? Currently, it’s not available for PC players, but we’ll likely get a PC release down the line. Until then, stay tuned to our Rise of the Ronin hub for guides on the game, and check out some other popular 2024 releases.

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