Will Starfield Have Multiplayer? Answered

Does Starfield have multiplayer? Does it even need it?

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If you look at any forum or subreddit for a game before (and slightly after) release, you will always find threads asking if a game has multiplayer or griping that it doesn’t. Starfield is, of course, no different. It doesn’t help that Steam pages are not always accurate in regards to whether a game has multiplayer or not (looking at you, Resident Evil 6). So, will Starfield have multiplayer, crossplay, or any of that?

Will Starfield Have Multiplayer?

This is one of those times, the more frequent ones, where the Steam page for a game is accurate: there is no multiplayer confirmed for Starfield. Heck, it’s very possible it will never get it. Despite what some people like to claim, not every game needs multiplayer. Starfield probably does not need multiplayer.

During the Starfield Direct over Summer Game Fest in June, Bethesda made no mention of co-op or multiplayer of any sort. They touched on companions and putting together a crew during the extended showcase, but did not mention anything about multiplayer. This seems to indicate there’s no intention of adding co-op down the line, which would make sense because (again) not every game needs it.

It’s very likely that any kind of Starfield co-op or multiplayer down the line will be added in by modders rather than Bethesda, but it’s also possible Bethesda could release a DLC adding it as a feature. In either instance, there looks to be no hint of it in launch build coming out for Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6. There’s plenty else to look forward to in Bethesda’s next big RPG, but multiplayer isn’t on that list. We’ll have plenty of Starfield guides out when the time arrives, though, so keep your eyes on GameSkinny for more content in the coming months.

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