Wizards Unite Portkey and Portmanteau Guide: How to Get and How to Use

Want to know what Portmanteau are and why they are important? Read our Portkey guide to find out.

Want to know what Portmanteau are and why they are important? Read our Portkey guide to find out.

Pokemon Go fans shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite shares a lot of the same gameplay mechanics. That doesn’t mean that a long-time Go player will be able to understand what’s being asked of them; despite an item functioning in a familiar manner, the game’s terminology, such as Portmanteau and Portkeys, can sometimes complicate things.

While the tutorial helps to explain their purpose in Wizards Unite, the finer details can be a little confusing for non-diehard Harry Potter fans. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide to help get everyone up to speed.   

Portkeys Aren’t Really Keys

Before we can talk about their uses, we have to explain what these items are. A Portmanteau is an oddly shaped box – it looks like a little house – that’s found randomly out in the world. They come in three different variants:

  1. Prized 
  2. Precious 
  3. Paramount

Each of them has a different look and unlocking requirement. These items, when unlocked, rewards players with Portkeys.

Portkeys are special items that allow players to open portals to popular locations pulled from the books and films. Though they have the word “key” in their names, they aren’t actually keys. I mean, they are, considering that they “unlock” new places to visit, but they aren’t keys in the same vein as the game’s gold and silver keys.

The Real Keys

In order to open a Portmanteau, players will need to use a key and walk a certain distance based on the Portmanteau type; Prized, Precious and Paramount will need to be walked 2KM, 5KM, and 10KM respectively. They are like the eggs in Pokemon Go (swap the incubator for a key).

Silver keys are limited items that are discarded after a single use. Gold keys, on the other hand, can be used indefinitely.

Everyone is given a Gold key at the start of the game. Silver keys are obtained by leveling up, by returning Foundables and/or by purchasing them with real money in Diagon Alley.

At first, it might seem silly to pursue silver keys. Given their limited use, it would be easier just to use a gold key, right? Here’s the thing: only one key can be used to open a given Portmanteau at a time.

Players can have up to eight of them altogether. If they only have the one gold key, they’ll only be able to open one box at a time. Using multiple silver keys will allow for multiple Portmanteau to be opened at once – the distance walked will be recorded for multiple boxes at a time.

The Point

Snagging Portkeys is a great way to collect Foundable Fragments, earn extra XP, gain loot (potion ingredients, etc.) and more. They also showcase some pretty cool AR events; who wouldn’t want to travel to places like the Ministry of Magic?

Once you’ve unlocked a Portmanteau and used a Portkey, you’ll be allowed to step into a new location. There, you’ll need to find 5 Wrackspurts hidden in the environment to earn rewards. Finding them all will finish the event, allowing you to step back into your previous real-world location. Good times!

Extra Tips:

Make sure to save your silver keys for the Precious and Paramount Portmanteau. That way, you can unlock a bunch of them at a time; walking 10 KM for four boxes as opposed to one will save you a lot of steps.

You can only hold 8 Portmanteau at a time. So be sure to use the gold key on the Prized (2 KM) boxed or else you’ll fill up with them/miss out on better ones.

Be sure to use potions that affect Portkeys before activating them. Baruffio’s Brain Elixir, for instance, grants a double XP buff to players (making trips through these portals more beneficial).

If you don’t find all of the Wrackspurts before leaving a given location, you won’t be able to return there to collect what you missed later. Using a new Portkey will result in a new place (or a new instance of an old place).

And there you have it. Now you know what Portmanteau/Portkeys are and why they’re important. Make sure to check out our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite guide hub for more spell binding tips.

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