Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What Does The Spectrespecs Lens Do?

Let's talk about what the Spectrespecs Lens does in Wizards Unite!

While we're still busy finding out all the different mechanics in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic is still refining the gameplay based on player feedback, changing up the energy system and making other tweaks, such as adding in the new spectrespecs lens item. 

But are they worth the effort it takes to get them? Although they help you find additional hidden wonders, they are sadly much less exciting than you'd expect.

What is The Spectrespecs Lens?

The Spectrespecs is a Foundable that goes on the magical objects page of the Challenges section, and it requires 100 shards to complete.

That makes it seem like the new spectrespecs lens available in the Anti-Calamity pack should have some connection, offering up an instant addition to your collection, or perhaps providing a way to see extra hidden items while searching for Foundables.

Sadly, neither is the case. This is just another cosmetic item to throw onto your wizard's profile.

The lens itself is fairly worthless (unless you really like the style and want to sport it while taking on Fortresses with your fellow witches and wizards), but the rest of the pack is actually pretty helpful if you feel like dropping $4.99 on a mobile game.

Those potent Exstimulo potions that come with it can be very helpful in taking on more difficult Foundables, saving wizards from roving Dementors found while exploring the muggle world, or defeating foes at Fortresses. 

Since you also get a bunch of extra gold, you can immediately craft an abundance of additional potions in any type if you find yourself low on options.

Yeah, we were hoping the lens was something cooler, but maybe Niantic will see the disappointing player reaction and add in something new!

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Published Sep. 16th 2019

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