Wolfenstein 2 Collectibles Guide: Finding All Max’s Lost Toys

15 hidden toy collectibles are scattered across the game that you need to find for the lovable Max Hass!

15 hidden toy collectibles are scattered across the game that you need to find for the lovable Max Hass!

Every single-player, AAA shooter needs something for players to do besides just roast Nazis alive or stealth kill them from behind with a hatchet (although that is a good time). 

Wolfenstien 2: The New Colossus is no exception, throwing in a variety of collectibles to grab along the way if you take the time to thoroughly explore each area.

One such collectible set is a series of 15 lost toys scattered across the game, from robots to wood blocks to a plastic toy telephone. Besides giving you some secrets to search for, an achievement will unlock for grabbing them all.

Starting The Max’s Toys Side Quest

These collectibles aren’t just sitting around waiting to be found on your first time through a location. Instead, you have to unlock the Uberkommander assassination missions, and then open up the “Max’s Toys” side quest.

After completing the level in Mesquite, Texas, return to the Eva’s Hammer U-Boat and talk to Gizela Balog to kick off the mission. From there, head to the Enigma Machine to access each location for the side mission.

You can also access earlier areas to grab all the toys straight from the Enigma Machine after fully completing the game.

 Kicking Off The Max’s Toy Mission

Manhattan Collectibles

Wolfenstein Toy #1 – Bunker

This one is cleverly hidden and is super easy to miss, as it looks like it is located in an area you aren’t supposed to access. Near the end of this mission, you can jump up onto a second floor area with black and yellow stripes. In a hallway just next to a red banner, look for a bunch of crates and to the right will be some cardboard boxes. You can actually jump over the boxes and behind the crates will be waiting the little blue robot.

 Toy #1

Wolfenstein Toy #2 – Harbor

Outside the destroyed Police Station, head over to the abandoned building with a giant bombed out tank in front. Go up the two flights of stairs, and at the end of the hall by the window after the second flight of stairs you can find this second toy.

 Toy #2

Wolfenstein Toy #3 – Subway

Near the northeast end of the Subway map is a rusted green and brown subway car. Immediately after entering the car, turn to your left and look down to see the toy airplane on the ground near the seat.

 Toy #3

Wolfenstein Toy #4 – Ruins

After coming out of a bombed building and taking out the robot enemy, head inside the exposed train tunnel. The toy is inside the train car at the far end of the tunnel.

 Toy #4

Wolfenstein Toy #5 – Penthouse

Near the stairs heading upwards you can find an empty elevator shaft to jump down. Travel through this underground area until you find a corner with a large wooden desk / counter. On the back side of the counter is the next toy.

 Toy #5

Roswell Collectibles

Wolfenstein Toy #6 – Downtown

Across from the gas station is a boarded up store with a black sign. Look inside the grating on the window to pick up the baseball bat toy.

 Toy #6

Wolfenstein Toy #7 – Underground

Inside the control room near the railway you can find this toy tank sitting on the panel next to the yellow screens.

 Toy #7

Mesquite Collectibles

Wolfenstein Toy #8 – Farmhouse

By the metal scaffolding leading up you will see an area with a broken down van and a fiery trashcan. Nearby is a small building with several tables outside. Search the table with the donuts to find this airplane toy.

 Toy #8

New Orleans Collectibles

Wolfenstein Toy #9 – Ghetto

For this toy, you are looking for a partially flooded street with a large stone wall. Head over to the destroyed double decker bus and go inside the nearby building. The green bus toy is on the far end of the counter inside the building.

 Toy #9

Wolfenstein Toy #10 – Wall

Near the west end of the wall segment (up the stairs) you are looking for an office filled with green floors and equipment. The toy is up on the shelf behind the desk and near the radiator.

 Toy #10

Wolfenstein Toy #11 – Bienville Street

In the sewer before hitting the tunnel with the robot dog, look for a dead end segment to find the alligator toy sitting near the grating.

 Toy #11

Wolfenstein Toy #12 – Lakeview

Turn left at the street with all the Nazi banners hanging on the wall, then go down the alley and look for the toy on the ground to your right by the blue garbage can.

 Toy #12

Venus Collectibles

Wolfenstein Toy #13 – Habitat

In the area with the all the luggage and the little lounge, head down the stairs with the walls marked A, B, C, etc. and look for Room 3. The toy is on the counter just inside the wall by the poster.

 Toy 13

Wolfenstein Toy #14 – Transporthalle

In Hall B, go past the tanks and through the small vent space on the floor to drop into a tight space, then jump up on the metal railings to the top. Eventually you will be able to jump down another hole into the control room. The ray gun toy is sitting on the console by the screen.

Toy #14

Wolfenstein Toy #15 – Oberkommando

In the circular hallway outside the round control room, look for an area with a white crate on a small wheeled cart near a door. The airship toy is just peaking out from behind the crate.

 Toy #15

That’s it — you’ve now got all 15 entries and will unlock the Toy Collector achievement when you grab the final hidden Max toy collectible. Special thanks to Youtuber randomChievos for the screenshots!

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