Wolfenstein 2: Feed Rosa Side Mission Guide

We show you how to find potatoes to feed Rosa the pig in Wolfenstein 2's first side mission!

We show you how to find potatoes to feed Rosa the pig in Wolfenstein 2's first side mission!

Expanding out the base gameplay that is entirely focused on the single player side, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus features a host of side missions that can be unlocked and completed in between the main campaign levels.

Not all of these missions clearly explain where to go, however, and in the labyrinth of the Evas Hammer U-Boat, it’s possible to get turned around and thoroughly lost.

After escaping the airship and getting the submarine back, your next primary story mission will be A Reunion. Before tackling that though, you can get the Feed Rosa side mission and do a favor for Max Hass.

Wolfenstein 2: Feed Rosa Side Mission

From BJ’s quarters on the U-Boat, head left and then right to find Bombate and the very Hodor-like Max Hass chatting about a pig (well, Bombate is chatting, Max is screaming “Max Hass!” over and over, but somehow we still know what he means).

 Rosa the pig’s location

Turns out the hog is in need of some feed, but the livestock supplies have all run out. Bombate is rather keen on eating pork tonight, while Max wants you to find some regular old people food so Rosa can live just awhile longer.

Apparently while you aren’t saving the world from robotic Nazi super soldiers, you’ll also need to take time out to grab potatoes for ole Rosa the pig. I’m not sure who this really helps, since it means no pork and no potatoes for the resistance fighters, but whatever, it’s on the mission list.

 Who’s a good pig? You are!

Walk up and interact with Rosa to get the “Feed Rosa” objective to appear on the screen. Leave the room and continue down the corridor you were walking when you ran into Bombate.

When you hit the more open room with the ladders and the small red carpet segments, immediately turn right and go past the lady sitting on the recliner to your side.

Keep heading forward until you see the “Evas Hammer” logo on the wall to your right and then go through the door marked “Cantina.” 

 Finding the Cantina

Head to the back right side of the Cantina and go through a door (through the door you should see a black sign pointing left and a white sign pointing right). Take the left to find a store room where you can pick up the sack of potatoes.

Now just go back the way you came and interact with Rosa again to complete your first side mission. It may not have exactly been glorious, or even done anything to put a dent in the Nazi hordes, but at least it was something!

 Commandeering supplies for our swine friends

The Feed Rosa quest is just one of the many Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus side missions avaialble. If you manage to complete them all, the 50G achievement Sidetracked will unlock.

Now that you’ve fed the livestock, perhaps you need help with the rest of the game? Check out our other Wolfenstein 2 guides here:

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