Wolfenstein 2: Weapon Upgrade Guide and Gun Locations

To take down Nazis more effectively in Wolfenstein 2, you'll want to put a silencer on that pistol and electromagnetize those grenades ASAP!

To take down Nazis more effectively in Wolfenstein 2, you'll want to put a silencer on that pistol and electromagnetize those grenades ASAP!

BJ is jack with Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and has a whole new arsenal at his disposal for annihilating the Nazi menace in America!

Besides a host of standard weapons (added to the weapon wheel that you can switch between on the fly during a mission), there is also an assortment of heavy weapons that slow you down and are dropped entirely when you switch to a different gun.

For your standard weapon loadout, BJ can find a series of Weapon Upgrade Kits to add on additional features. These Kits are one-use only, and all weapons have three possible upgrades to select, with some more helpful than others. Below we cover every weapon upgrade, followed by the locations where upgrade kits can be found throughout the game.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Weapon Upgrades

You want to know what’s available for each gun ahead of time to pick the right upgrades, as a handful are clearly more advantageous than others–especially if you are going for stealth over loud ‘n heavy combat.

Your first upgrade unlocks the Tinkerer achievement, while getting all three upgrades for a single gun will cause the Specialist achievement to pop.

  • Extended Magazine – Having a few extra bullets before reloading is nice, but honestly if you need more bullets just switch to a bigger gun.
  • Magnum – Extra damage but also extra recoil and more chance of being noticed by enemies.
  • Suppressor – Many areas require stealth or you will get swarmed by Nazis, so this is easily the best upgrade to pick. Don’t forget that quick commander kills (with a hatchet or even by sniping) increases your damage with suppressed weapons!

 Otherwise known as “old reliable infinite ammo machine” 

  • Nailgun – Extra damage for a slower rate of fire, which sort of makes the gun less useful than bigger and more deadly weapons, although it can be useful when dual wielding.
  • Integral Suppressor – Silenced automatic pistol? Sign me up! It’s less precise than the standard pistol though.
  • Drum Magazine – Vastly increasing the clip size is an excellent option for these nasty little automatic pistols, especially if you’ve got one in both hands!

 Your dual wielding, bullet spraying buddy!

  • Shoulder Stock – Recoil is vastly lessened when firing a grenade from this “pistol.” It’s not that helpful, honestly.
  • Spring Loader – Hold down the fire button to launch three grenades in a row! Now we’re talking!
  • Rocket – Upgrade from tiny bouncing grenades to more stable rockets for your own personal, hand held rocket launcher!

 I feel like we’re really stretching the definition of “pistol” at this point!

  • Armor Piercing – Armored Nazis go down faster, and you can hit enemies through sheets of metal they are hiding behind. Nice!
  • Jungle Magazine – Reload instantly for double the rounds, which can be quite helpful if you are taking on a large group of foes.
  • Marksman Scope – Simply put, you need this upgrade if you plan on sniping. It’s the only way to get a serious sniper rifle at all throughout the base Wolfenstein 2 campaign.

 For when you just really, really need to put a guy down…

  • Rotor – Fire all three barrels of this triple shotgun at once for major damage, although you will chew through ammo very quickly.
  • Extended Magazine – Have even more ammo on hand before needing to reload.
  • Ricochet – The shells bounce of any surface it hits, making it even better at spread and hitting large amounts of enemies than normal!

 Even better than a shotgun!

  • Battery Upgrade – Doubling your energy capacity is very helpful, especially when you add on later upgrades that drain charge faster.
  • Scope – This one offers a secondary sniper rifle option if you aren’t putting the scope on the assault rifle.
  • Supercharge – The damage on display here is absolutely massive and will be a major help in taking down those big enemies!

 Welcome to the future! Or in this case, the futuristic past.

  • Ignition Muzzle – Set enemies on fire more frequently!
  • Supercharge – Fire a whopping five canisters at once for unbelievable damage, although it chews through ammo like nobody’s business.
  • Extended Tank – With more ammo, this can become your star weapon that just destroys Nazis.

 Now we’re getting somewhere!

  • Fragmentation – Grenades become more effective against unarmored, non-mechanical enemies with this upgrade.
  • Diesel – Set groups of Nazi scum on fire when they are bunched up together in a corridor.
  • Electromagnetic – You want to get this one quickly to disable the fast robot enemies that become more frequent as you progress through Wolfenstein 2.


Wolfenstein 2 Weapon Upgrade Kit Locations

The various Weapon Upgrade Kits can be found in several locations, and if you miss them in a previous level they can show up in randomized locations in the next level. Here’s the confirmed spots where Upgrade Kits have been found so far:

  • Eva’s Hammer Submarine – An upgrade kit is frequently found in the shooting range. If you miss it the first time, come back after getting the Battle Walker contraption and you should be able to reach it.
  • Manhattan – After taking out the giant flamethrower / rocket launcher enemy, an Upgrade Kit can be found inside the State Building before taking the elevator. Another Kit can be found after meeting Grace by searching the penthouse area.
  • Roswell – After going through the tunnel, there’s a Kit found own and towards the left.
  • Monster – In the house basement there are several collectibles, including another Kit.
  • New Orleans – The first Kit can be found by breaking a yellow door in the maintenance building. Another one is found inside a nearby house slightly after wrestling with the alligator in the sewer.
  • Venus – After going through a tunnel and taking out the Kommandant, head up a ladder near the back side of the hanger to find this Kit.

If you grab every single Upgrade Kit and fully upgrade all weapons, the rare Gun Nut achievement is unlocked. Have you found any other Weapon Upgrade Kit locations? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll get this list updated!

Stay tuned for more The New Colossus guides coming shortly, and be on the lookout for the secret vault to unlock shortly!

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