World of Tanks Tips (Artillery)

Learn the ways of the SPG in World of Tanks!

Learn the ways of the SPG in World of Tanks!
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Artillery or SPG (Self-Propelled Gun) these slow moving tin cans are probably the hardest hitting tank in the game,  capable of destroying a heavy tank in one shot if aimed correctly. Some would say they are over-powered in World of Tanks while others say they are difficult to master. I would say they are a bit of both, but if you know what you are doing they are truly over-powered.

Tip #1 Stay in the Rear!

Finding a good spot to hit enemy tanks isn’t always easy, but using the high ground is always a plus. Having a height advantage is good so that when you shoot your shot is at a good angle to hit tanks hiding in difficult spots like behind mountains. As artillery you should not be on the front-line, you should be somewhere away from your base on high ground and in a bush. Being on high ground not only helps with your shot angle but allows you to shoot further than you normally would.

Tip #2 Wait for it!

In order to shoot enemy tanks from a great distance you need to be in your birds-eye view, to get to that view you use the left-shift key. While in this view you will have a green line, red line or a grey line. The green line means that you are able to hit whatever you are looking at, whereas a red line means your view is obstructed and cannot hit the target. The grey line means that you are too far away to hit and must move closer to the target. Next you have a circle with dots, within that circle is where your shot could land and is best to wait for the circle to close all the way until it stops then fire. Depending on  your height you may have to aim the circle a little behind or in front of the current target for your shot to hit.

Tip #3 Be Conservative

Higher tier artillery tanks have a much longer reload time than lower tier because of that you need to make sure you have a good shot. Missing shots will decrease your chances of winning each battle so make them count. Not only do they have a long reload time but they also carry less shells, some only carry around 20 shots, miss too much and you won’t be able to do much after that.

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