World of Tanks Tips (Heavy)

Learn the ways of the Heavy Tank in World of Tanks!
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So, you’re tired of taking a shot or two and exploding on the battlefield as a scout or tank destroyer? Well if that is the case then you should look to one of the heavy tanks. These massive behemoths can take a shot or two and keep on moving. They have great armor not only on the front but the sides as well. Scout tanks and most medium tanks have difficulty penetrating the thickness of your armor. Aside from having great armor, heavy tanks have some of the most powerful guns as well, capable of taking out medium tanks and tank destroyers with a single shot.

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Tip #1 I’m Big, Bad and Scary!

Intimidation is a great tool for heavy tanks, surely if an enemy medium or scout tank comes upon this huge tank they are surely to back off. Using your massive size you can hold and secure areas, making it very difficult for the enemy to advance. However, you do not want to go gung-ho toward the enemy without reinforcements. It is always good to have backup in case you are overwhelmed by a massive force ahead of you. Being the largest target you will most likely soak up most of the damage and be a bullet magnet, this allows your team to not worry about being cannon fodder as they support you.

Tip #2 Cover your Rear!                     

As a heavy tank your only real weakness is near your tracks on the front, commander’s port, and rear. Whenever you are engaged be sure to face the enemy head on and try to expose yourself as little as you can. Be sure not to let a fast moving tank to get close, as they can run circles around you. Heavy tanks are quite slow both in moving speed and turning speed, along with a slowly rotating turret. To avoid this you should either shoot at a fast moving tanks tracks to slow or stop them completely then take clear shots by either you or your team.

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