World of Warcraft Classic: All Shadowfang Keep Quests in Season of Discovery and Hardcore

Here's a list of all quests you can pick up for Shadowfang Keep in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore!

Shadowfang Keep Entrance
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With the level cap in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, Shadowfang Keep is one of the later dungeons you’ll run. However, it’s also available in Hardcore, where you’ll want all the quests you can get before entering to run it once. Here are all Shadowfang Keep Quests.

Every Shadowfang Keep Quest in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore Listed

Shadowfang Keep has Horde-only quests since it’s located in the Horde zone of Silverpine Forest. If you want to grab them all, you need to be Level 18, at least. Here’s where to find and how to get each one.

  • The Book of Ur: Obtained from Keeper Bel’dugur at (53, 54) in the Undercity.
  • Deathstalkers in Shadowfang: Obtained from High Executor Hadrec (43, 40) in Silverpine Forest.
  • Arugal Must Die: Obtained from Dalar Dawnweaver at (44, 40) in Silverpine Forest.
WoW Silverpine Forest Map
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It doesn’t seem like a lot of quests, but they give you a good experience boost in addition to running the dungeon. And considering how slow leveling can be in WoW Classic, any sort of boost can feel like a blessing. Additionally, it’s full of gear that’s amazing for casters who wear cloth. While you can get all the quests at Level 18, you won’t want to enter Shadowfang Keep immediately because it’s a Level 22-30 dungeon

As for Alliance, there’s no reason you can’t go on an adventure and run SFK, as well. I love traveling with friends into the opposing faction’s territory. However, that’s especially dangerous on Hardcore. So watch your back.

And that wraps up our list of all Shadowfang Keep Quests in WoW Classic SoD and Hardcore. Since none of the quests have prerequisites, you can go ahead and grab them when you’re ready without worrying if they’ll be available. And from here, check out our WoW Classic guide hub and WoW Season of Discovery guide hub for more topics like a list of all Deadmines quests for the Alliance side!

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