World of Warcraft: How to Get Glimr

Learn how to get the secret murloc pet Glimr using this step-by-step guide to World of Warcraft.

Learn how to get the secret murloc pet Glimr using this step-by-step guide to World of Warcraft.

Blizzard added a new secret murloc pet Glimr to World of Warcraft. This cute little humanoid can be obtained by completing a rather long chain of quests. This guide will provide you with all the necessary steps on how to get this little guy.

Before venturing into the aquatic area of Venture Bay, be sure to bring along three battle pets and at least one underwater mount, as you’ll spend a lot of time under the water.

How to Get Glimr in World of Warcraft

Glimmerfin Scale

Start the quest by going to coordinates 18.5, 88.3, which is a tiny iceberg at Grizzly Hills.

There you will find a Glimmerfin Scout that spawns regularly. You need to make it run away and leave behind some Glimmerfin Scale.

Then, travel to Borean Tundra and show the scale to King Mrgl-Mrgl.

Glimmerfin Welcome

This part of the quest will require you to collect 10x Meaty Crab Chunks in the underwater.

Once you have all the chunks, you need to bring them to Glimmergut, who resides at Venture Bay.

A Big Horkin’ Task

Glimmergut will ask you to bring him a Pile of Blubberfat, which can be extracted from Horker lion seals that occupy the same area as Glimmergut.

You only need to kill one Horker to get the required drop, so this is a relatively easy task.

Once you deliver the Blubberfat to Glimmergut, he will tell you to deliver it to Glimmerfin Oracle, who resides nearby.

Pearl in the Deeps

Glimmerfin Oracle will ask you to bring her the Giant Pearl, which can be found in the waters of Venture Bay.

In order to make your search easier just go to these coordinates 21.8, 95.6 and pick up the pearl.

Trainer’s Test

This part of the quest will require you to make up a team of pets and enter the battle with Trainer Grrglin, who occupies an iceberg at coordinates 21.5, 88.7.

Grrglin will pit three pets against you:

  • Flipper, a pengling (rare)
  • Snipper, a crab (uncommon)
  • Whipper, a  seahorse (common)

The max level of pets is 25, so you should have no problem beating them.

Wrap it Up

Go back to Glimmerfin Oracle, who will ask you to collect three more items:

  • Warm Seaweed Stalk
  • Young Seaweed Stalk
  • Bulbous Seaweed Stalk

These can be found at coordinates 11.2, 95.0; 8.9, 94.3; and 12.7, 96.7 respectively.

Guardian of the Smallest

Finally, you need to defeat the last boss – the Great Mua’kin (Level 50). This Makrura lobster resides underwater at coordinates 8.7, 91.2.

Great Mua’kin uses three abilities throughout the fight:

  • Claw Crack, which is a simple physical attack
  • Sand Smash, which is a stun ground slam
  • Spiked Carapace, another physical attack

You can take him single-handedly, if your character is well-geared, and if not, then take him out as a team.

As a reward for beating the Great Mua’kin you will receive an egg with Glimr murloc pet.

That’s all you need to know on how to get Glimr in World of Warcraft. Check out other World of Warcraft guides.

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