Check this guide for everything you need to know about the Demon Invasions event in Wow: Legion's pre-patch!

World of Warcraft Legion: Demon Invasions Guide

Check this guide for everything you need to know about the Demon Invasions event in Wow: Legion's pre-patch!
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The Legion pre-patch for World of Warcraft just started an event called Demon Invasions. This is only available until Legion launches, then you will no longer be able to get the rewards and achievements.

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The Demon Invasions consist of multiple stages in certain areas, and rewards Nethershards to buy event items and chests that can give unique rewards. I’m going to go over where the invasions take place, the rewards, and more!

This guide will cover everything about the Demon Invasions pre-patch event in World of Warcraft including:

  • Invasion Zones and Stages – Where the invasions take place and what to do in each stage.
  • Invasions Rewards – Everything you can obtain by participating in the Demon Invasions event.

Invasions Zones and Stages

WoW Legion Demon Invasions

There are 6 zones in Azeroth that the invasions can take place. They won’t be up at the same time at the beginning, so you will have to look on the map at each zone to see if there is one active.

At the beginning they happen every 4 hours. Before you finish them, check to see how much time is left. That’s how long you will have to wait for new ones to appear after you complete it.

  • Azshara in the Kalimdor continent
  • Dun Morogh in the Eastern Kingdoms continent 
  • Hillsbrad Foothills in Eastern Kingdoms 
  • Northern Barrens in Kalimdor
  • Tanaris in Kalimdor
  • Westfall in Eastern Kingdoms

When an invasion happens, go to the area and you will have a 4 stage scenario.

  • Stage 1 – Defend the Invasion Point
  • Stage 2 – Defeat the Demon Commander and 2 lieutenants
  • Stage 3 – Kill enemies and save wounded allies. The map shows the location of the enemies.
  • Stage 4 – Defeat the boss at the Invasion Point

During Stage 3, look for the head icons on the map — these are mini-bosses and killing them grants extra Nethershards.

Invasions Rewards

You gain Nethershards throughout the stages of each Invasion. You can spend these Nethershards at special vendors in the capital cities. You have to complete a quest before the vendors show up. Below is a list of everything you can buy, and how much they cost. 

WoW Legion Demon Invasions Vendor

  • Felbat Pup (Companion) – 150 Nethershards
  • Coalesced Fel – 150 Nethershards
  • Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth Armor – 200 Nethershards
    • Gives you the appearances of the full Fel Cloth armor set for transmog.
  • Ensemble: Felshroud Leather Armor – 200 Nethershards
  • Ensemble: Fel-Chain Mail Armor – 200 Nethershards
  • Ensemble: Felforged Plate Armor – 200 Nethershards
  • Neck, Back, Rings, and Trinkets – 50 Nethershards each, all ilvl 700
  • Glaive of the Fallen – 100 Nethershards
    • Demon Hunter weapon that is bound on account 

There are small and large chests that can drop Fel-touched gear, which is 700 item level. The large chest can give those and Coalesced Fel, as well as 700 item level weapons. Those can be upgraded up to 725 by using a Coalesced Fel

You get the small chest after completing stage 2 and the large chest after completing stage 4.

The warglaives are the only weapons that are account bound, so you can send them to a Demon Hunter later if you don’t make one during the event.

You can also send the warglaives to other characters that have the Coalesced Fel to upgrade them, then send them back to your Demon Hunter.

That wraps up my guide to the Demon Invasions Legion pre-patch event for World of Warcraft. Let me know if you have any questions!

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