Check this guide for info on defeating Nythendra in the Emerald Nightmare raid!

World of Warcraft Legion Emerald Nightmare: Quick Nythendra Guide

Check this guide for info on defeating Nythendra in the Emerald Nightmare raid!
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The first raid in the World of Warcraft Legion expansion is the Emerald Nightmare. This is a corrupted version of the Druid’s Emerald Dream, and ties in heavily with their story and Val’sharah.

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As soon as you enter the raid, you will see the first boss, with some enemies (trash) to take out first.

Although the first boss isn’t too difficult, it can still take multiple tries until everyone gets the mechanics down.

I’ll go over what you need to know for this encounter to help you defeat it easier.

This guide will go over defeating Nythendra in the Emerald Nightmare raid in Legion including:

  • Fight Basics – The important things you need to know, no matter what role, and how the fight works.
  • Role Orders – What each role, DPS, tank, and heals, needs to do in this fight.

Fight Basics

This will a brief rundown of everything needed to complete this fight.

  • This is a dragon fight, so be sure not to stand in front (unless you are a tank) or behind it.

This fight has 2 phases and she will switch between the 2 multiple times.

Phase 1 – The Plagued Dreamer
  • During this phase the tank should turn the boss so that her left side is facing the entrance
  • Everyone else stand at her left side, but not too closely stacked.
  • When you get an ability called Rot placed on you, run to the edge of the room until the timer expires and you drop a green puddle (Infected Ground) on the ground.
  • When the boss uses her breath attacks, quickly run out of it.
    • These will also leave Infected Grounds where she breathes.
  • Tanks need to run away from everyone when they get Volatile Rot.

When Nythendra’s energy is gone, she falls down to begin Phase 2.

Phase 2 – Heart of the Swarm
  • This is when you should use Heroism/Bloodlust and DPS cooldowns.
  • Just attack the boss, but watch for the Infected Grounds that were dropped by Rot and Infected Breath.
    • These will move back towards the boss and damage you if you stand in it.
  • Also, insects will randomly turn big during this phase and explode after a while. 
    • Make sure you are not near the bugs when this happens.

When her energy is back to full, she stands up and goes back to phase 1. Repeat until boss is dead.

wow legion nythendra

Role Orders

This part gives more detail to what each role should do during the fight.

  • Tanks will need to swap when the active tank gets Volatile Rot.
  • The tank with Volatile Rot should run far away from the raid, so they take less damage.
    • After the explosion, there will be a bunch of Infected Grounds in the location, so keep that in mind.
  • After Infected Breath, the whole raid should rotate, so they will need to rotate the boss slightly afterwards.
  • The raid will take increased damage over the course of the fight because Rot will start applying to more people at once.
  • Keep an eye one everyone in phase 2 because the insects’ Burst of Corruption does a lot of damage to anyone that didn’t make it away.
  • Try not to stack too close together because Rot deals damage instantly when it it is placed on targets.
  • Everyone should move to one side during breath, then stay there to stay away from Infested Ground.
  • Don’t stand near people with Rot, especially if they each have it.
  • Try to keep one side of the room clear from Rot so you have a safe place to stand during phase 2.

That’s it for my quick Nythendra guide for the Emerald Nightmare raid in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions or extra tips of your own!

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