World of Warcraft Legion Guide: Demon Hunter Campaign

Check this guide for everything you need to complete the Demon Hunter campaign in Legion

Check this guide for everything you need to complete the Demon Hunter campaign in Legion

Every Class Order Hall has their own story line in World of Warcraft: Legion. The Demon Hunter campaign involves you leading the Illidari, finding out news about Illidan, and attacking one of the demon home worlds.

I’m going to list the quests you get and what you must do, as well as when you get them. The follower missions will take a big portion of your time, so I’ll list each one of those as well and when you get them.

This guide will go over everything about the Demon Hunter Class Order Hall Campaign in Legion including:

  • Class Order Hall – Where it is and how to get there.
  • Demon Hunter Campaign – Each quest and what you must do.
  • Follower Missions – The long missions you must send your champions on and how long each one takes.

Class Order Hall

The Order Hall is located in Mardum, The Shattered Abyss. There is a portal you must take in Dalaran to get there.

  • Go to the flight point area in Krasus Landing.
  • Facing away from Dalaran, jump off the right side and Glide to the floating island. The portal is there.

wow legion demon hunter class order hall

Demon Hunter Campaign

The first quests you get at 101 are similar for every class. They are a tutorial for how order hall missions work, selecting your first champion, and how recruits work.

The first order hall follower mission takes 4 hours, so be sure to start it as soon as you can after reaching level 101.

After all that is done, your first real start is at level 103. I’m going to list all the missions starting from there. I will not go over the details of the follower missions, except for the ones that take a very long time.

Also, there are obvious spoilers ahead since I’m listing the missions and what you must do.

Level 103

Securing Mardum
  • Follower Mission to unlock Ariana Fireheart
Green Adepts
  • Speak with Illidari Recruiter, Ariana Fireheart
  • This unlocks new, more powerful troops
The Blood of Demons
  • Collect 100 Fel Blood from any demon on the Broken Isles.
Immortal Soul
  • Make the Blood Offering to complete the ritual and contact the soul of Illidan Stormrage.
Leader of the Illidari
  • Go upstairs and take your place as the new leader of the Illidari.
The Arcane Way
  • Locate Archmage Lan’dalock at the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.
Move Like No Other
  • Chase Down the sneaky Imp and recover the Grimoire of Arcane Ways.
  • You have to constantly chase the imp and stop his escape before you get it.
Back in Black
  • Follower mission
Confrontation at the Black Temple
  • Use the gateway to the Black Temple and confront Akama.
  • This is where your choice during the Demon Hunter tutorial comes into play.
    • If you chose Kayn Sunfury, you get the Shade of Akama as your champion.
    • If you chose Altruis the Sufferer, you get normal Akama as your champion.
Into Our Ranks
  • Recruit Akama/Shade of Akama and Kor’vas Bloodthorn.
Unexpected Visitors
  • Listen to your unexpected visitors.
Working with the Wardens
  • This is the first big group of follower missions.
  • There are 5 follower missions you must complete and each one takes 8 hours.
  • They all start with Working with the Wardens and you can only do one at a time.

Level 110 

Be sure you finish all of the Working with the Wardens missions by the time you get to 110. If not, prioritize those first.

You Will Be Prepared
  • This unlocks your Class order hall Helm set piece.
One Battle at a Time
  • Complete 30 world quests.
We’ll Need some Obliterum
  • Find Camille Kleister in the Magus Commerce Exhange.
  • You will have to do another quick side quest when you find her that involves putting out fires.
Deadly Warglaives
  • Collect 1 Obliterum.
  • You can either get it from someone else, or get it yourself by completing the quest line to unlock the Obliterum forge.
A Very Special Kind of Fuel
  • Collect 15 Sovereign Souls from bosses in Legion dungeons.
  • Collect a Fel Engine Injector, Soul Configuration Matrix, Fel Engine Ignition, and Vile Spirit Converter from Felsoul Hold and Faronaar.
A Final Offer
  • Investigate what is happening outside of the Fel Hammer.
Deal With It Personally
  • Kill the Devouring Darkness in Highmountain, Hertha Grimdottir in Suramar, and Theryssa in Val’Sharah.
Malace in Vrykul Land
  • Grab a flight from Aludana Whitecloud and find Malace Shade in Stormheim.
Rune Ruination
  • Deactivate the 3 runestones to set Malace free.
Strange Bedfellows
  • Meet Malace on the bride to the Gates of Valor and kill Lochaber.
Vault Break-in
  • Retrieve the Sargerite Keystone.
The Crux of the Plan
  • Place the Sargerite Keystone above the scouting map.
Two Worthies
  • Recruit Belath Dawnblade and Matron Mother Malevolence.

wow legion demon hunter followers

Preparations for Invasion
  • This is the last huge set of follower missions.
  • This requires you to complete 5 missions that take 12 hours each.
  • You can only complete 1 at a time and they start with, “Preparations for Invasion”.
The Invasion of Niskara
  • Activate the control console and complete “The Invasion of Niskara”.
Last, But Not Least
  • Recruit Allari the Souleater and Jace Darkweaver.
I Am the Slayer
  • This unlocks your class set chest piece, your 3rd Relic slot on your artifact weapon, and a relic to put in that slot.

That’s it for the Demon Hunter Class Order Hall campaign quests in Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

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