World of Warcraft Legion Profession Guide: Leatherworking

Check this guide for all the Leatherworking quests in Legion!

Check this guide for all the Leatherworking quests in Legion!

World of Warcraft: Legion decided to mix things up a bit and made quest lines to unlock important crafting and gathering skills. There are also different ranks for each recipe/skill to improve how you gather or craft.

There are many quests, they are available in different areas, and different times along the quest line. I’m going to list all the Leatherworking quests, what you have to do, and more.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about Leatherworking in Legion including:

  • How to start Leatherworking in Legion Where to go to begin your crafting journey.
  • All Leatherworking Quests – All the Leatherworking quests available in Legion.

How to Start Leatherworking in Legion

You can start the Legion Leatherworking quests in Dalaran.

  • Go to the Legendary Leathers shop in the Magus Commerce Exchange.
  • Namha Moonwater will have the quest and be your main quest giver.
  • It is recommended that you also have skinning, or at least a reliable way to get all the skins you need.

Once you get your first quest, “Skin Deep”, you are ready to begin.

All Leatherworking Quests

I’m going to list each quest, where you get them, what you have to do, and the reward.

Some quests will start from the Trainer and lead to other NPCs. Others will start from either the Leather or Mail armor expert in Legendary Leathers in Dalaran.

wow legion leatherworking quests

Skin Deep
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Gather 20 Stormhide Leather and 5 Stormscales.
    • You get the leather from skinning normal beasts and Stormscale from scaled enemies, like dragons.
  • Reward – Unlocks Legion Leatherworking, increasing the max skill level to 800.
Over Your Head
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Craft a Rough Warhide Mask.
    • This is a quest item and requires you to use the quest materials you can get in Legendary Leathers.
    • You must also use Namha’s Tanning Rack and Workbench in the shop to craft it.
  • Reward – Unlocks Broken Isles Helms: Warhide Mask and Battlebound Warhelm.
Leather Lady
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Meet with Diane Cannings.
  • Reward – Unlocks the leather armor quests.
Stormheim Savagery
  • Zone – Stormheim
  • What to do – Obtain 7 Vrykul Leather Bindings.
  • Reward – Unlocks Warhide Armor: Warhide Belt and Warhide Pants.
Vestment Opportunity
  • Zone – Stormheim
  • What to do – Obtain a Hideshaper’s Vestment.
  • Reward – Unlocks Warhide Jerkin, chest armor.
Mail Men
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Meet with Thanid Glowergold.
  • Reward – Unlocks the mail armor quests.
Black Rook Bandit
  • Zone – Val’sharah
  • What to do – Obtain 5 pieces of Black rook Armor.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Armor: Battlebound Girdle and Battlebound Leggings.
Too Good To Pass Up
  • Zone – Val’sharah
  • What to do – Obtain a Black Rook Hauberk.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Armor: Battlebound Hauberk
Adventuring Anxieties
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Talk to Mei Francis about her barding idea.
  • Reward – Unlocks the quest, Necessary Materials.
Necessary Materials
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Gather 100 Stonehide Leather.
  • Reward – Unlocks the quest, Dazed of the Past.
Dazed of the Past
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Construct a Stonehide Leather Barding.
    • All the materials needed for the quest is in the Legendary Leathers shop.
  • Reward – Unlocks Stonehide Leather Barding. This is a use item that stops players from being dazed while mounted in the Broken Isles.
Battle Bond
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Talk to Lio the Lioness (Alliance) or Serr’ah (Horde) at the Magical Menagerie shop, then return to Namha.
  • Reward – Unlocks the quest, Playthings.
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Craft a prototype for the pet bed.
    • Materials needed are in Legendary Leathers.
  • Reward – Unlocks Pet Bed, a toy that lets you place a bed for most companion pets.
From Head to Toe
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Craft a pair of Sturdy Stonehide Boots.
    • The materials are in Legendary Leathers
  • Reward – Unlocks Broken Isles Boots: Warhide Footpads and Battlebound Treads.
Tauren Tanning
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Report to Hrul Sharphoof.
  • Reward – Highmountain Leatherworking quests.
Drogbar Durability
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Kill 15 Drogbar in whitewater Wash.
  • Reward – Unlocks Highmountain Leatherworking: Warhide Bindings and Warhide Gloves.
Shoulder the Burden
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Obtain Lohrumn’s Shoulderguard.
  • Reward – Unlocks Warhide Shoulderguard.
Claw of the Land
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Obtain 100 stalker claws.
  • Reward – Unlocks Advanced Highmountain Leatherworking: Rank 2 in Warhide Bindings, Warhide Belt, and Warhide Gloves.
Stamped Stories
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Learn from the stories from each of the tanning racks.
  • Reward – Unlocks Rank 2 in Warhide Jerkin.
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – go to the Underbelly in Dalaran and recover 3 Highmountain Leatherworking patterns.
  • Reward – Artisan Highmountain Leatherworking: Rank 2 in Warhide Shoulderguard and Warhide Mask.
The Final Lessons
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Report to Hrul Sharphoof in Highmountain.
  • Reward – Unlocks final Highmountain Leatherworking quests.
Respect for the Past
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Go to the 4 tanning racks around Highmountain and hear their stories.
  • Reward – Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Pants.
Strength of the Past
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Return a scale of Deathwing to Hrul.
  • Reward – Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Mask.
Evolution of the Past
  • Zone – Highmountain
  • What to do – Obtain 5 Basilisk Hides.
  • Reward – Unlocks Rank 2 Warhide Gloves.
Well Spent Time
  • Zone – Highmountain, then Dalaran
  • What to do – Tell Namha of your time with the tauren in Highmountain.
  • Reward – Unlocks Suramar Leatherworking quests.
Demon Flesh
  • Zone – Suramar
  • What to do – Search for a master leatherworker in Suramar.
  • Reward – Unlocks more Suramar Leatherworking quests.

You can find this npc in a cave up a hill on the western part of Felsoul Hold. You won’t be able to get any quests from NPC until you complete Well spent Time and get the Demon Flesh quest. 

The map below shows the location. I circled in in red and wrote the NPC’s name.

wow legion leatherworking quests

Hounds Abound
  • Zone – Suramar
  • What to do – Obtain 5 felhound corpses.
  • Reward – Required to unlock the Fel Tanning quest.
Wrong End of the Knife
  • Zone – Suramar
  • What to do – Kill the traitor leatherworkers, Feorias, Tallian, Syana.
  • Reward – Required to unlock the Fel Tanning quest.
Fel Tanning
  • Zone – Suramar
  • What to do – Craft a pair of bracers for Stalriss using the tanning rack. What you need is in the area.
  • Reward – Unlocks Fel Leatherworking: Dreadleather Bindings and Gravenscale Armbands.

At this point you can start making the crafted gear that started at 815 and can be upgraded 6 times with Obliterum.

The 2 recipes you get are for 2 of the required pieces for the quest that unlock the Obliterum forge in Dalran. You can also buy more recipes from Stalriss, but you need things like leather, enchanting, and mining materials.

Before you make any, you can go back to the trainer in Dalran and learn the Rank 2 versions to make it cost less materials.

I will continue with the rest of the quests, which are required to unlock the final one for a mount recipe.

Links in the Chain
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Find a leatherworking amster in Azsuna. The NPC is near the Illidari Stand flight point.
  • Reward – Unlocks Azuna Leatherworking quests.
Naga Know-how
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Obtain 7 Naga Shoulderguards.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Spaulders recipe.
A Daring Rescue
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Find Taldranis in Oceanus Cove and deliver the armor to him.
  • Reward – Unlocks Testing the Metal quest.
Testing the Metal
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Escort Taldranis to safety.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Hauberk Rank 2.
Reclaimed Cargo
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Obtain 5 mail armor shipments.
  • Reward – Unlocks Advanced Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Armbands, Girdle, and Grips.
Best Served Cold
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Kill Ranaris in the El’dranil Shallows.
  • Reward – Unlocks Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Armbands and Grips.
Leather Legwork
  • Zone – Dalaran
  • What to do – Talk to Bragund Brightlink
    • Ask Imindril Spearsong about armor stands
    • Ask Shandy Glossgleam to clean dress. Pay 2 gold to do this.
    • Return dress to Imindril Spearsong
    • Return armor stand to Bragund Brightlink
  • Reward – Unlocks Artisan Azunian Leatherworking: Battlebound Spaulders and Warhelm.
A Debt Paid
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Go to Celea in Azuna.
  • Reward – Unlocks final Azsuna Leatherworking quests.
Scales of the Earth
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Obtain the Axetail Basilisk Matriarch Scales.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Leggings Rank 2.
Scales of the Arcane
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Speak with the blue Dragonflight and acquire one of their scales.
    • Talk to Cedonu.
    • Talk to Kharmeera.
    • Talk to Agapanthus
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound GripsRank 2.
Scales of the Sea
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Go to eye of Azshara and obtain Warlord Parjesh’s Hauberk.
  • Reward – Unlocks Battlebound Warhelm Rank 2.
Time Well Spent
  • Zone – Azsuna
  • What to do – Tell Namha of your time with the Night Elves in Azuna.
  • Reward – Required for final quest.

The last quest gets you the recipe to craft the Leatherworking-only mount, Elderhorn. You must complete all the other quests listed above.

The Leather quests in Highmountain and Mail quests in Azsuna are separate and can be done at any time, but all must be done to unlock the last quest.

Mounting Made Easy
  • Zone – Stormheim, starts and ends in Dalaran
  • What to do – Mount up and capture the Great Northerns Elderhorn.
  • Reward – Unlocks Elderhorn Riding Harness Recipe. It requires Leatherworking of 800 to sue this mount.

That’s all for the guide on all the Leatherworking quests in World of Warcraft: Legion. Let me know if you have any questions!

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