Can't decide which PvE class to choose in World War Z? This class tier list will quickly outline the best possible character in the game and which players they're best suited for.

World War Z Class Tier List PvE: Characters From Best to Worst

Can't decide which PvE class to choose in World War Z? This class tier list will quickly outline the best possible character in the game and which players they're best suited for.

Announced in 2018, World War Z is finally out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A co-operative zombie survival game in the vein of Left 4 Dead, World War Z has a handful of classes to choose from when mercing the undead in PvE. 

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Currently, there are six character classes, each with 30 unique skills to unlock. Consequently, it’s definitely better to focus on one class and master it perfectly before trying out the others.

However, if you want to know which classes are the best and worst, or which class might be a good one to try out, read on. 

Class: Gunslinger

  • Starter kit: Frag Grenade and SMG

Killing hordes of zombies is hard work, and there is no better candidate for that kind of job than the Gunslinger class.

Starting at Level 7, you can unlock an array of excellent weapons, such as MAGS machine gun, sporting carbine PAC-15, ARK-103 assault rifle, and a number of pistols for use as your secondary weapons.

Other Gunslinger perks are primarily focused on increasing damage and your health pool as well as generating free ammo. For example, at Level 5, each headshot will generate 5% of your ammo for free, and at Level 12, your health will be increased by 25%.

This means that Gunslinger does not only provide solid DPS, but the class can also sustain itself without the help of a Medic or a Fixer.

Class: Fixer

  • Starter kit: Supply Bag and Scout Rifle

The Fixer is a must-have character for any team. This class is capable of supporting the team in a variety of ways.

At Level 3, the class’ revive speed will increase by 50%, and at Level 6, the firearm damage will increase by 50% when reviving a character. Both of these upgrades are essential for most gameplans.

In the course of a game, your teammates can make use of your supply bag to restore ammunition, along with a hefty number of bonuses. For example, at Level 17 your teammates will get 20% bonus ammo when refilling with the help of your supply bag.

The Fixer also makes grenades more efficient, including both gas and explosive types.

Class: Hellraiser

  • Starter kit: C4, Shotgun, and Hailstorm MGL

The Hellraiser class is explosive in every sense of the word. C4 is a dangerous toy, but it can roast an entire group of zombies with great efficiency.

At Level 8, Hellraiser unlocks the Direct Blast perk, which increases all explosive damage by 100%. But be careful as explosive splash damage can also hit you and your teammates.

Another excellent perk is unlocked at Level 19, Third Hand, which fully reloads your primary weapon if you manage to kill 15 zombies at once. This perk stacks well with the explosive power of C4.

However, Hellraiser is not the only class that can deal with huge numbers of zombies at once.

Class: Exterminator

  • Starter kit: Molotov and Shotgun

The Exterminator class is really fun to play, even if it mostly relies on fire damage from Molotov cocktails.

Exterminator is very similar in approach to Hellraiser, so it’s a great alternative if you prefer to watch zombies burn slowly rather than explode into giblets. The good thing, for now, is that the damage output is basically the same between the two classes, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing one for the other in that respect.

Most of the early perks for this class focus on increasing the Molotov damage. However, you can eventually unlock better weapons, including Taiga-12 assault shotgun and ARK-103 assault rifle.

If you like to alternate between explosives and firearms, then this is the class for you.

Class: Medic

  • Starter kit: Stim Pistol, SMG, and Medkit

The best part about being a Medic in World War Z is that you can not only revive and heal your teammates, but you can also use your Stim Pistol to grant them bonus health points, although only temporarily.

Obviously, most of the Medic class’ perks are designed to increase the healing effects of your medkits. But later on, your healing activity will also grant your weapons increased damage, which is really cool.

Unfortunately, all of the class’ best perks come in the late game, making this a slow and steady class best suited for patient support players

Class: Slasher

  • Starter kit: Stun Gun and SMG

The Slasher may sound like a fine character on paper, but the truth is that it’s not a very good choice in World War Z. That is unless you like to die a lot.

This class focuses on melee damage, which requires you to be in up in zombies’ faces. Since the game is built around swarm attacks, getting overrun by a horde is too easy when playing as Slasher.

Of course, you can unlock the TMP5 SMG, but since all of the Slasher’s class perks mainly boost melee damage, there is really no point in wielding a firearm.

At the end of the day, it’s simply better to choose any other class that actually benefits from firearms, such as the Gunslinger.

In a game like World War Z, it’s all about finding the right class and being comfortable. Which character class is your favorite? For more tips and tricks, be sure to head over to our World War Z guides page

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