World War Z's PvEvP multiplayer mode has a total of 10 classes, but not all of them are equal. This list ranks the available classes from best to worst.

World War Z Class Tier List PvEvP: Characters From Best to Worst

World War Z's PvEvP multiplayer mode has a total of 10 classes, but not all of them are equal. This list ranks the available classes from best to worst.

The multiplayer component of World War Z offers something that not too many games have been able to execute properly: the fusing of PvE and PvP in one game mode.

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Obviously, such a mode requires a totally different set of skills than a traditional PvE or PvP mode; that’s one reason why players get to level up 10 new classes within the PvEvP multiplayer mode, each with their own distinctive skill trees.

Each skill tree consists of 13 unlockable skills, but not all classes are equally effective in the PvEvP mode. If you want to know which classes are the best and which ones lack zombie-killing power, then check our tier list for a mostly-definitive ranking of all multiplayer classes in World War Z.

Class: Assassin

  • Starter kit: Stun Gun, Advanced SMG, Pistol, and Assault Shotgun

The Assassin class gets two of the best weapons available in the game. At Level 1, the class gets both the Keris V10, an SMG with the highest rate of fire in the game, and the Taiga-12, the most powerful semi-automatic shotgun in the game, which comes with a maxed out penetration stat.

At Level 5, you will be able to unlock the upgraded SMG, which becomes even more powerful with its attachments.

Assassin is definitely the best pick for PvEvP, especially if you want to start the game on strong footing.

Class: Shadow

  • Starter kit: Gas Grenade, SMG, Combat Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher

Shadow is the only multiplayer class in World War Z, except Striker, that gets to carry an RPG in its heavy weapon slot. While not very effective in PvE, the rocket launcher becomes increasingly more effective in PvEvP.

At Level 6, Shadow players can unlock a new weapon, an XTAR-95 Bullpup Rifle, which comes with a fully upgraded max penetration stat.

At Level 8, if you manage to kill 10 zombies at once, you will get a 10% damage boost to your heavy weapon and a 30% bonus to reload time.

Shadow is an excellent choice if you enjoy playing with really powerful weapons.

Class: Trapper

  • Starter kit: Claymore, Scout Rifle, Shotgun, and Grenade Launcher

The Trapper’s weapon roster may not look terribly exciting, but this class’ skill tree is what makes it one of the best in World War Z‘s PvEvP mode.

At Level 4, you will get a 30% bonus to your reload time on all weapons, which is really important if you don’t have extended magazine attachments.

At Level 6, a new weapon will appear in your slot, an ARK-103 Assault Rifle, which isn’t the best AR in the game, but a very solid addition to Trapper’s default scout rifle.

But most importantly, at Level 10, you will unlock the Sleight of Hand ability, which will allow you to switch between weapons 50% faster.

If you like fast moving and prefer a fast-shooting playstyle, then Trapper is the best pick.

Class: Striker

  • Starter kit: Stim Pistol, Bullpup Rifle, Pistol, and Rocket Launcher

Striker is a unique class that combines medic with a relentless mercer.

Just as with the Shadow class, you get a rocket launcher, and an XTAR-95 Bullpup Rifle, which gets upgraded at Level 5.

At Level 6, you will get an Advanced SMG Keris V10, the fastest shooting weapon in the game.

Choose Striker if you want to both effectively heal your teammates and kill your enemies.

Class: Warfighter

  • Starter kit: Frag Grenade, Assault Carbine, Pistol, and Machine gun

Just like the name implies, Warfighter is a killing machine. In addition to the class’ explosive weapon arsenal, which includes grenades and a heavy machine gun, Warfighter can unlock the Deadeye ability at Level 7, which reduces the recoil on all weapons.

This class also shares some of the Trapper’s skills that reduce reload and weapon switch time.

This means that Warfighter is a great alternative to Trapper if you prefer grenades over claymores.

Class: Specialist

  • Starter kit: Frag Grenade, Battle Rifle, Shotgun, and Payload Rifle

Think of the Specialist as a fusion of Warfighter and Shadow. This class gets to play with a lot of grenades. The class also has the ability to increase the damage of all weapons after killing 10 or more zombies at once.

If you manage to unlock all levels for this class, you will be rewarded with a Taiga-12 Assault Shotgun, a great addition to this class’ weapon roster.

Class: Phantom

  • Starter kit: Claymore, Sniper Rifle, Senjata, and Payload Rifle

The Phantom is basically a sniper that can also plant claymores and lure enemies. Of course, sniping is priority number one with this class, which is improved at Level 5, when you unlock upgrades for your sniper rifle.

One of the most interesting abilities can be unlocked at Level 12, which increases your reload speed by 50% when your health is below 25%, which is a great bonus since snipers tend to operate as lone wolves. 

Class: Survivor

  • Starter kit: Molotov, Shotgun, Revolver, and Assault Shotgun

The Survivor has the same skill set as the Specialist, but instead of grenades, this class uses Molotov cocktails.

Molotovs are arguably better in PvE; in PvP, the slow burn damage isn’t that effective, and enemies can quickly remove this annoying status effect.

That is the main reason why Survivor is lower on this lise for multiplayer mode.

Class: Support

  • Starter kit: Supply Bag, Assault Rifle, Senjata, and Machinegun

Support class plays a far more important role in PvE mode than in PvEvP since the missions there take much longer, and the need to use the supply bag is more accentuated.

But in PvEvP mode, games are shorter, and the Support class just doesn’t play much of a role here. 

Class: Demolisher

  • Starter kit: C4, Shotgun, Pistol, and Grenade Launcher

The Demolisher class is not only useless in PvEvP, but it can actually be harmful to the team, since the waves from C4 explosions can damage your teammates.

Many areas in PvEvP are quite compact and playing around with C4 is a recipe for a disaster.

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