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WoW Classic: How to Get a Voidwalker in Season of Discovery and Hardcore

Upgrade your Imp for a Voidwalker with the help of this WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore guide!

Is your Imp not cutting it anymore? Its Fireball casting is useful, but it can’t take many hits before it dies. If you want a demon that can be your tank and keep you safe, you’ll need an upgrade. Here’s how to get a Voidwalker in WoW Classic Hardcore and Season of Discovery.

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How to Summon a Voidwalker in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore

As a Warlock, the Voidwalker is the second demon you’ll learn how to summon. With its Taunt, it’s perfect for tanking when you’re questing.

Reach Level 10

Once you reach level 10 as a Warlock, you’ll want to go to your trainer to pick up a quest from an NPC who stands near a glowing symbol on the ground. Here are the locations of the NPCs who give this quest:

  • Undercity (X:86, Y:25): Crendin Halgar.
  • Stormwind City (X: 25, Y:77): Gakin the Darkbinder.
  • Orgrimmar (X:48, Y:45): Gan’rul Bloodeye.

Retrieve the Request Item

Each NPC gives a quest with a different name, but the idea is the same. You have to go retrieve an item, and then you’ll learn to summon a Voidwalker. Here’s the item location based on the city in which you grabbed the quest.

  • Undercity: Tirisfal Glades (X:51, Y:67).
  • Stormwind City: Elwynn Forest (X:69, Y:79).
  • Orgrimmar: Durotar (X:55, Y:10) This one is inside the cave these coordinates take you to.

Complete “The Binding” Quest

After you get the required item, return to the quest giver to receive the quest “The Binding.” You’ll have the ability to summon a Voidwalker for this quest, but you can only do so at the nearby summoning glyphs, which look like this:

Warlock Summoning Glyph
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If you’re in Stormwind, your glyph is in the basement of the building where you grabbed the quest. It’s hard to find, and you need to go down several sets of stairs to get there, starting from the sloping walkway nearby. Then, take a right at the bottom of the steps to go down more steps. Take a left at the bottom here, then another left to find the last set of stairs.

Once you’re at the glyph, summon the Voidwalker and get ready to fight. The quest is marked complete when you successfully defeat it, and as a reward, you learn to summon your own. It can be a bit tough to kill it, but I made use of a Weak Troll’s Blood Potion for health regen and Lesser Healing Potions so I could Life Tap my mana back.

And that covers how to get a Voidwalker in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore. If you’re on Hardcore, the Voidwalker is particularly useful for its ability to tank enemies for you. As a squishy Warlock, that’s invaluable. From here, check out more content at our WoW Classic guides hub and Season of Discovery guides hub.

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