WoW Classic: How to Unlearn a Profession in Season of Discovery and Hardcore

You can have 2 primary professions in WoW Classic SoD and Hardcore. Here's how to unlearn one to switch for a new profession!

Two Night Elves unlearning a profession
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World of Warcraft has always limited you to two primary professions. Some work together perfectly like Tailoring and Enchanting, but you might decide that you want to switch to new professions. Before you do that, you need to know how to unlearn a profession in WoW Classic: SoD and Hardcore.

How to Unlearn Professions in WoW Classic Season of Discovery and Hardcore

Unlike Retail WoW, Classic doesn’t have a menu just for professions. You’ll have to find them somewhere else if you want to unlearn one.

If you want to switch professions and already have two, you’ll need to unlearn one in order to take up a different one. Since the way this is done is a bit different compared to WoW: Dragonflight, I’ve listed the steps below for how to unlearn a profession. In this example, I’m unlearning Herbalism.

  1. Open the character screen, which can be done with “C.”
  2. Go to the Skills tab on the bottom.
  3. Find Professions in the skill list and select the one you want to unlearn (Herbalism in this case).
  4. Click the red symbol next to the profession and confirm that you want to unlearn it.
Skills panel in WoW Classis
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Once you’ve completed these steps, you have an open slot for a primary profession to fill how you wish. This is only for primary professions. In the case of secondary professions (cooking, first aid, fishing), you can learn all of them with one character.

And that covers how to unlearn a profession in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and Hardcore. You’ll want to consider leveling professions while leveling your character because the items you make can be much more useful in Classic than they are in retail. And earning gold takes longer, so professions can help with that as well. From here, check out more topics in our WoW Classic guide hub and our WoW Season of Discovery guide hub!

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