Ponzo in Loamm from WoW Dragonflight
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WoW Dragonflight: Where to Find Ponzo

If you know how to find Ponzo in WoW: Dragonflight, you can barter with the Niffen in Loamm.

You’ll want to know how to find Ponzo in WoW: Dragonflight with Patch 10.1 because he’s at the center of the Niffen’s bartering system. Before you can purchase items from other Niffen, you’ll need to speak with Ponzo.

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How to Find Ponzo in WoW: Dragonflight

Ponzo is found in Loamm at (X: 58, Y: 53). I first came across him while working on the campaign quests since they have you running around the town and interacting with various Niffen. However, it isn’t until you reach Renown 3 with Loamm Niffen that you can officially start earning currency for bartering with the Niffen.

Getting to Renown 3 doesn’t take long at all. I achieved it through continuing the campaign after arriving in Loamm, and earned Renown 3 quickly, especially if you do world quests.

Once you are able to take and complete “Get Rich Quick” and reach Renown 3, the bartering system in Loamm opens up for you. Aside from a pet and mount, you’ll be able to get manuscripts for the Winding Slitherdrake, Battered Dig Maps for Sniffenseeking, Battered Profession Notes, Glimmerogg Timeshare Vouchers, and Ponzo’s Cream.

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You can then use Glimmerogg Timeshare Vouchers and Ponzo’s Cream to further barter with Niffen, and that includes purchasing profession recipes with them.

Ponzo might not look different from other Niffen (although he has a snazzy hat), but he’s an important NPC if you want to purchase certain items after reaching Renown 3. If you’re looking for more content, check out more of our WoW guides as we work to cover the new features brought in 10.1.

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