WoW Retail and Classic: All Feast of Winter Veil Quests 2023

A complete collection of quests you can do for Feast of Winter's Veil, and which WoW versions they're in!

Father Winter in WoW Ironforge
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The Feast of Winter Veil has returned across WoW: Dragonflight, WoW Classic, Season of Discovery, and Hardcore. That’s right, no matter which version of WoW you play, you can take part in the festivities. Here’s a guide for all of the 2023 Feast of Winter Veil quests in World of Warcraft.

The Complete List of 2023 Feast of Winter Veil Quests in WoW Retail and Classic

While the event hasn’t changed too much over the years, you won’t be able to complete all the quests if you’re playing Season of Discovery because of Phase 1’s Level 25 cap.

All Greatfather Winter Quests: Retail and Classic

All your Winter Veil quests can be picked up in Ironforge or Orgrimmar, depending on your faction, aside from the neutral daily quest “You’re a Mean One…”  You’ll find the Winter Veil set up and quest givers near the respective city’s Auction House. And if you have trouble finding it, you can ask a guard for directions to the Auction House. Or speak with a Winter Veil Reveler who will send you on your way to Greatfather Winter and the Smokywood Pastures vendors.

At the Smokywood Pastures vendors that you can find in most capital cities, you’ll receive the “Greatfather Winter is Here!” quest. I picked it up from Stormwind City in the Trade District because that was the closest vendor to me at the time the event started. This quest has you go speak with Greatfather Winter, who you find in Ironforge or Orgrimmar near the Auction House.

WoW Winter Veil Vendors
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After completing “Greatfather Winter is Here!” you can pick up “Treats for Greatfather Winter.” You only need to give him five Gingerbread Cookies and an Ice Cold Milk to complete it. You can pick up the milk from vendors, including the nearby Smokywood Pastures, which also offers the recipe for Gingerbread Cookies. It requires Cooking Level 1 to learn, and you need one Small Egg and one Holiday Spices to make it.

I always have my Cooking maxed, but if you don’t have it at all, you can learn it to make the cookies. Otherwise, you should be able to grab a stack of five from the Auction House to complete the quest. After you turn it in, Greatfather Winter gives you a present. I received 10 Copper Bars on my Season of Discovery character.

The Reason for the Season Quests: Retail and Classic

This quest you pick up outside of the bank in either Ironforge (Goli Krumn) or Orgrimmar (Furmund). Next, you’re sent to NPCs elsewhere in the city, where you complete the quest and pick up “The Feast of Winter Veil.” Those NPCs will give you a book, which you can read. Or you can just deliver it to the next NPC and complete the quest. For Horde, you’ll take the book to Thunder Bluff. But on the Alliance, you stay in Ironforge for this part as well.

The Abominable Greench Quests (Daily): Retail and Classic

Strange Snowman Location WoW Retail
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“You’re a Mean One…” is a daily quest that’s neutral, so both factions can do it. You pick it up from the Strange Snowman in Hillsbrad Foothills at (42, 41). However, it’s a Level 30 quest. This means that you can’t do it in Season of Discovery.

For characters on other versions of WoW, you’ll be able to grab this quest. It requires you to kill the nearby Abominable Greench in a cave. However, it really just wants you to loot the gift pile that spawns at the cave’s entrance when the Greench is killed. So, even if you aren’t involved in the kill, you can complete the quest by looting the pile. Then, you’ll take the Stolen Treats from the pile to the Smokywood Pastures vendors in Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

After turning in the Stolen Treats, you’ll grab the final Winter Veil quest: “A Smokywood Pastures’ Thank You!” All you need to do is speak with Greatfather Winter, who’s right next to you, and complete the quest for a seasonal recipe reward.

Metzen the Reindeer Quest: Classic (Not SoD)

This is another quest not available in Season of Discovery because it requires Level 40. Otherwise, you can pick it up on Classic Servers from the Smokywood Pastures vendors in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. This quest requires you to rescue Metzen the Reindeer. You’ll find him in one of two locations.

  • Searing Gorge: (66, 35)
  • Tanaris: (71, 48)

If you have Level 300 Cooking, you can pick up “The Hero of the Day” from the vendors after freeing him. This has you turn in five gold and a Deeprock Salt for more Preserved Holly. On Classic servers, I don’t have the gold to spare for more Preserved Holly, which just turns your mount into a reindeer, so I skip this quest.

And that covers all of the Winter Veil quests in World of Warcraft Retail and Classic versions. Check out our WoW guides hub, WoW Classic guides hub, and WoW Season of Discovery guides hub. Especially if you’re playing SoD because we have topics such as rune lists for all classes, like Mage, which is my favorite to play.

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