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WoW Classic: How to Get and Farm Small Eggs for Gingerbread Cookies in SoD

We need to make Gingerbread Cookies for Winter Veil. Here's where to farm Small Eggs in WoW Classic: SoD.

Small Eggs aren’t usually in demand by cooks across Azeroth past the profession’s lower levels, but it’s Winter Veil time, and we’ve got Gingerbread Cookies to make. I’ll go over where to farm Small Eggs in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery specifically.

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Where to Get Small Eggs to Make Gingerbread Cookies During Winter Veil in WoW Classic: SoD

The Treats for Great-father Winter quest requires that you bring Gingerbread Cookies and Ice Cold Milk as a treat to Great-father Winter. The cookies themselves have a very simple recipe, requiring only Small Eggs and Holiday Spices. The spices can be bought from specific vendors, but the Small Eggs have to be obtained the old-fashioned way: murder.

Small Eggs and the Gingerbread Cookies you can make from them can both be sold on the Auction House. Gingerbread Cookies are selling for about 10 silver each on the Horde side of my server, and you need five of them to complete the quest. The eggs are selling for six to eight silver each. I’ve been grinding out gold like a madwoman, but if you haven’t, you probably won’t want to spend the cash on these cookies nor the eggs.

SoD Horde Small Egg Farm Spots

As with many lower-tier crafting materials in Vanilla WoW, it’s harder to farm Small Eggs as a Horde player. Season of Discovery didn’t change that much. For Horde, Mulgore is the best place to get this Gingerbread Cookie ingredient. And you know what that means: you get to wander around aimlessly in a big, empty map.

The swoop enemies all across Mulgore have the highest Small Egg drop chances of any mobs in the area. While it’s true that the Adult Plainstriders, Prairie Stalkers, and Flatland Cougars that roam the hills of Mulgore have a chance to drop Small Eggs, they all have a sub-1% drop chance. So you might want to kill the aforementioned mobs while looking for swoops, but your main focus needs to be Mulgore’s famed carrion-eaters. The three types of swoops in Mulgore have the following drop rates on Small Eggs:

  • Wiry Swoop: 63%
  • Taloned Swoop: 67%
  • Swoop: 38%

I have had the most success running between the southeastern circles on both below maps, and occasionally running to the most northwestern circle I marked, and running a circle around Bloodhoof Village and its surrounding lake. Your mileage may vary. The first map marks areas where Wiry Swoops are the most common.

Map of Mulgore for Small Egg farm in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery
Screenshot by GameSkinny

The two areas marked below have both Wiry Swoops (63% drop rate) and regular Swoops (38% drop rate). I’ve had a lot of success running between both of these spots because both birds are fairly common.

Map of the Barrens in WoW
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Taloned Swoops (67% drop chance), which you’ll find in the northernmost portion of the map, have the lowest spawn rate. Despite the very high drop chance, they’re not worth focusing on. Instead, the Swoop and Wiry Swoop are your better bets.

SoD Alliance Small Egg Farm Spots

If you’re an Alliance SoD player, you’re going to venture over to Teldrassil to most efficiently farm Small Eggs to make Gingerbread Cookies for the Winter Veil event. Several mobs in Teldrassil drop the cooking ingredient on death, but two of them stand above the rest in terms of Small Egg drop rate: Strigid Owl and Strigid Screecher. These are both owl mobs found in Teldrassil, and both have decent drop rates for the eggs.

The Strigid Screecher is the better of the two to farm, as it has a 64% chance to drop Small Eggs. These are most easily found just outside Darnassus. They’re more concentrated in the more northern circle in the map below.

WoW Map of Darnassus
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Strigid Owls have a 38% chance to drop Small Eggs. The drop rate is lower than the Strigid Screecher, but if other players overrun the marked farming locations, these birds are a decent alternative. Strigid Owls are most condensed in the circled spot in the following map.

Map of Darnassus with a red circle on the eastern side.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Hopefully this info on how to farm Small Eggs makes it easier to bake your own Gingerbread Cookies to complete the Treats for Great-father Winter quest this Winter Veil, and to sell them on the Auction House to make some extra cash. Sweet, sweet event-driven cash. Check out some of our other WoW Classic: Season of Discovery guides, such as our all SFK quest list and where to farm Perfect Deviate Scales.

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