WoW Classic: Where to Farm Perfect Deviate Scales in SoD and Hardcore

Here's how to get Perfect Deviate Scales in WoW Classic to start crafting Deviate Scale Belts.

The Lushwater Oasis in the Barrens in WoWC.
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The Deviate Scale Belt is a long-time favorite of toons hanging around at ~18-19 level bracket as long as they can for battlegrounds purposes. In this guide, I’ll go over where to farm Perfect Deviate Scales in WoW Classic: SoD and Hardcore.

How to Get Perfect Deviate Scales in World of Warcraft Classic

While you can certainly use Perfect Deviate Scales to make the Deviate Scale Gloves at Leatherworking 105, there’s a lot more demand for Deviate Scale Belts. Druids, Hunters, and Shamans would all be happy to equip one at Level 18. The problem is getting the 10 Perfect Deviate Scales to make a single belt, much less multiple belts for guildmates or to sell at the Auction House.

As an inverse to Iridescent Pearls, Perfect Deviate Scales are much easier to get for Horde players than Alliance. While Thick-shelled Clams the pearls come from can be farmed in an Alliance-controlled contested zone, the Wetlands, as well as the BFD raid, Perfect Deviate Scales are only found in and around the Wailing Caverns in the Barrens.

Where to Farm Perfect Deviate Scales in WoW Classic

If you’re playing WoW Classic: Hardcore, the best way to farm Perfect Deviate Scales is to roll into the Wailing Caverns instance with a high-level character and clear it out. It’s much faster than fighting over mobs in the cave leading to the entrance to the instance. Almost any Deviate mob in the Wailing Caverns has a chance to drop these scales.

If you’re playing WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, the best way to farm Perfect Deviate Scales is to grind the mobs outside of the instance. While you might be struggling to tag mobs with other players also farming this mat, all the Deviate enemies outside of the instance have a slightly higher chance of dropping these scales than those inside the Wailing Caverns. It’s best to do this with at least one other person who doesn’t need or want the scales, so you can both tag mobs and take mana or HP breaks as needed.

A Deviate Caller in the Wailing Caverns.
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The mobs in the cave outside of the WC instance have a 2% chance to drop Perfect Deviate Scales, while almost every mob inside the instance has less than that chance to drop them. The only benefit to clearing the Wailing Caverns is that you won’t have to compete to tag mobs, but it’s hard to clear it quickly in WoW: SoD.

That’s about all I can say on how to get Perfect Deviate Scales in WoW Classic. The drop rate on this crafting material is very low, but the payoff is more than worth it. Just be sure to tell your friends not to sell them on the AH if they get some. Maybe you could buy them instead. Check out some of our other World of Warcraft Classic guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to farm Iridescent Pearls, how to get Shredder Turbochargers in SoD, and how to get Fish Oil.

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