WoW SoD: How to Farm Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

You want Iridescent Pearls to make Spidersilk Boots, don't you? Here's where to farm them.

Darkmoon Faire portal in retail WoW
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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Nobody likes having to farm for and open clams in WoW, but here we are. At it again in Season of Discovery. In this guide, I’ll go over how to farm Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic: SoD, which is a much easier task for Alliance players than Horde.

How to Farm Iridescent Pearls in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery

Iridescent Pearls aren’t dropped by mobs outright. Instead, they’re found inside Thick-shelled Clams, which are dropped by mobs. You’ll have to manually open each one that drops in hopes of getting an Iridescent Pearl rather than some Tangy Clam Meat. However, you might want the clams’ succulent innards if you’re taking cooking.

Chances are, you’re either a Blacksmith or Tailor trying to make one of the Level 20+ pieces of gear that use Iridescent Pearls in their creation. Both the Shining Silver Breastplate from Blacksmithing and the Spidersilk Boots from Tailoring are in hot demand. Spidersilk Boots, in particular, considering how many clothes are in SoD, while Warriors are the only mail armor user in Phase 1.

While you’ll be farming for Thick-shelled Clams, it’s worth keeping in mind that there’s only a 3% chance of a clam having an Iridescent Pearl inside. That’s a big oof, but it’s worth it. There truly are only two options for farming Thick-shelled Clams:

  • Run Blackfathom Deeps, the current and only 10-man raid in SoD. Many mobs in BFD drop these clams.
  • Grind on Bluegill Murlocs in the western portion of the Wetlands. Most Murlocs in a certain portion of the Wetlands drop Thick-shelled Clams.

Horde players don’t have a lot of opportunity to farm Iridescent Pearls in Season of Discovery, thanks to the Level 25 cap in Phase 1. If you’re playing Horde, your only option is to farm Blackfathom Deeps. To farm in the Wetlands, you’ll somehow have to get a large enough group together that you can brave your way through the Wetlands to get to the far-western portion of the zone.

Alliance players should have a very easy time farming these pearls, though there are sure to be plenty of other people blowing up the Murlocs in the Wetlands to get their hands on these mats.

Where to Farm Iridescent Pearls from Murlocs

Bluegill Murlocs have absolutely infested the marshes of the far-western portion of the Wetlands. You should have no trouble training from one Murloc to the next, especially if you’re at level cap. I’ve circled the map below where you can find this infestation of everyone’s favorite fishmen in the Wetlands.

A map of the Wetlands with the Murloc settlement circled.
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Spend some time grinding on Bluegill Murlocs in the above region, and you’ll be rolling in Thick-shelled Clams. You might not be rolling in Iridescent Pearls, though, with that tiny 3% chance of the clams having them.

Regardless of how rare these actually are, now you know where to focus your efforts and farm Iridescent Pearls in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery. Hopefully, this helps you and your guild out, and some of our other WoW Classic guides might, too. Check out our old guide on all weapon trainer locations in Classic or how to complete Spell Research in SoD.

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