WoW SoD: How to Get Fish Oil in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Here are the best ways to farm Fish Oil in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery!

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Season of Discovery has been jam-packed with surprises, including a new use for a reagent we’ve all sent to our Shaman friends. In this guide, I’ll cover how to get Fish Oil in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery and why you’ll need it on your hunt for runes. 

What’s Fish Oil Used for in WoW Classic: SoD? Answered

Fish Oil has been around since the early days of vanilla WoW. Up until Season of Discovery, it served just as a common reagent for Shamans to cast Water Walking once they trained it at level 28. Now, you’ll need to farm the item if you’re looking to get all your Class Runes. 

This is because there’s a hidden vendor named Grizzby inside the Ratchet Inn. You can find him at the coordinates 61.9, 39.3. He sells a single rune for each class. But you’ll need to complete his three quests before they become available for purchase, one of which requires you to deliver 24x Fish Oil

How to Get Fish Oil in WoW SoD

With it being a common and tradeable item, it’s actually not too difficult to grab Fish Oil. You can go about it in three ways:

  • Loot it from fish or amphibian humanoids, such as Murloc and Naga enemies.
  • Purchase it from any Auction House in a capital city.
  • Trade with a friend. 

Truthfully, I’d opt for the Auction House strategy if I were in a hurry to get a particular Rune. That is, if they’re affordable. I’ve noticed players trying to sell them for 60 Silver or more. In my case, I’m planning to build a Mage Healer and getting Rewind Time is a must-have. So, farming for Fish Oil drops could be a test of patience. On the other hand, it’s always worth it to save your gold. 

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Where to Find Enemies That Drop Fish Oil

As mentioned above, you can loot this reagent from Murlocs or Naga. During Phase 1, the easiest way is to focus on mobs close to the level 25 cap. 

Here are some of the enemies I recommend farming either solo or with a group:

  • Bluegill Oracles: Level 25 and 26 Murlocs, located in the Wetlands.
  • Bluegill Raiders: Level 28 Murlocs, located in the Wetlands.

It can also drop from mobs and bosses in Blackfathom Deeps, such as Lady Sarevess or Blindlight Muckdwellers. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Fish Oil in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. It’s not too difficult of a grind if you focus on the right mobs. But there’s always the Auction House if RNG is getting in the way. For more on this new chapter of vanilla, such as how to find all Ragefire Chasm quests and get all Wailing Caverns quests, take a gander at our SoD guides hub

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