WoW SoD: All Warlock Runes in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery

Strengthen your demonic power with these Warlock runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery!

Orc Warlock Channeling
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Now, when playing WoW Classic, you have access to abilities that are in retail. This not only adds more power to your classes, it changes the way you play and what your rotation is in some cases. Here’s a list of all Warlock runes in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery All Warlock Rune List

Warlocks get some interesting Runes in Season of Discovery, offering some aid to all three specs. Affliction Warlocks are hot in Phase 1, but Demonology and Destruction ‘locks still get some love among the SoD Runes.

You’ll find a total of 12 runes for each class right now, but you’re limited to equipping a maximum of three at a time. As it stands, we’re only able to slot Runes to the Chest, Legs, an Hands equipment slots.

  • Lake of Fire (Chest): Rain of Fire also leaves a Lake of Fire on the ground that increases all Fire damage you deal and your Demon pet deals to affected enemies by 40% for 15 seconds.
  • Master Channeler (Chest): Your Drain Life is no longer channeled, lasts 15 seconds with a 15 second cooldown, costs 100% more mana, and heals you for 50% more each time it deals damage.
  • Soul Siphon (Chest): Increases the amount drained by your Drain Life and Drain Soul spells by an additional 6% for each of your Warlock Shadow effects afflicting the target, up to a maximum of 18% additional effect.
  • Demonic Tactics (Chest): Increases the melee and spell critical strike chance of you and your pet by 10%.
  • Everlasting Affliction (Legs): Drain Life, Drain Soul, Shadowbolt, Shadow Cleave, Searing Pain, Incinerate, and Haunt refresh the duration of your Corruption on the target back to its maximum duration.
Warlock Spell Icons
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  • Incinerate (Legs): Burn your enemy for (222 / 100 *) to (258 / 100 *) damage and increase all Fire damage you deal by 25% for the next 15 seconds.
  • Demonic Grace (Legs): Surge with fel energy, increasing your pet’s and your own dodge chance by 30%, and your chance to critically strike with all attacks by 30%. Lasts six seconds.
  • Demonic Pact (Legs): Your pet’s critical strikes apply the Demonic Pact effect to your party members for 45 sec. Demonic Pact increases spell damage and healing by 10% of your spell damage or (Level / 2), whichever is higher. Does not work on Subjugated demons.
  • Metamorphosis (Hands): Transform into a Demon, increasing Armor by 500%, reducing the chance you will be critically hit by 6%, increasing your threat by 50%, increasing mana gained from Life Tap by 100%, transforming the functionality of some of your abilities, and granting some new abilities:
    • Searing Pain: Now instant.
    • Shadow Bolt: Becomes Shadow Cleave, a Shadow melee attack that hits up to three nearby enemies, but has a 6 second cooldown.
    • Fear is replaced with Menace: Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you.
    • Demon Charge: Charge an enemy and stun it for one second. Cannot be used in combat.
    • Demonic Howl: Forces all nearby enemies to focus attacks on you for 6 sec.
  • Shadow Bolt Volley (Hands): Your Shadow Bolt now strikes up to five targets within a chain distance of 10 yards, but for 20% reduced damage.
  • Chaos Bolt (Hands): Sends a bolt of chaotic fire at the enemy, dealing (* 522 / 100) to (* 662 / 100) Fire damage. Chaos Bolt always hits, cannot be resisted, and its knowledge causes all your Fire spells to pierce through absorption effects. Chaos Bolt gains a high chance to be resisted when used against monsters four or more levels above your level.
  • Haunt (Hands): Unleash a ghostly soul on an enemy, dealing (* 251 / 100) to (* 295 / 100) damage, and increasing all Shadow damage over time you deal to that target by 20%. When the Haunt ends or is dispelled, you will be healed for all the damage it dealt to your target.

And that covers all the Warlock runes in WoW Classic: SoD. I don’t play Warlock often, but I love having access to abilities like Shadow Bolt Volley and Demonic Tactics. From here, check out our WoW Classic guide hub and WoW Season of Discovery guide hub for topics like Rogue runes and Mage runes.

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